At CFUnited 2009 from Aug 12 to Aug 15

I’m all excited and looking forward to meet some or many of our CFBuilder users there!
Me and Bhakti will be conducting a BYL session there on CFBuilder:
Please note that for this session, we would have a pre-session preparation whereby we would have the attendees install CF9 and CFBuilder (public beta builds) on 12th August,’09 during lunch hours (12-1:30PM). We would mostly use one of these rooms – Millenium Falcon/Pippin/Gollum for this exercise.
For those who are attending our BYL session, please make sure you walk in for the pre-session installations.

3 Responses to At CFUnited 2009 from Aug 12 to Aug 15

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to meeting you guys there.
    Hey, are you guys aware of how differently the blog looks when we switch from viewing the main page of entries (which looks nice) to either the display of a single entry or a list in a category or the archive for a month? In those latter cases (anything other than, it doesn’t look nearly as nice.
    Besides losing the top graphic, we also lose the section bolding, etc. This is true in multiple browsers I’ve tested. It may be a CSS issue, I suppose. I couldn’t see anything too obvious in the HTML source (though I noticed there are differences in the rss feed alternative tags between the two kinds of pages).

  2. BTW, you may wonder why I’ve brought this up in a comment on an entry. But it’s that there was no other page I could find for giving feedback (nor one that identifies the contributors). Those are some other things to consider addressing. 🙂
    And while we’re discussing the blog, I’ve just noticed that there have been multiple replies to different entries where I’ve commented, but I never got an email notification of them. Should we expect one? Assuming we enter a valid email address when we comment? I assumed so, as there is no option to choose either way. Also, some may like to have a comment RSS feed, either per entry or for all entries (so they can see all comments on all entries, even if they have not commented there).
    Are any of these things options you can easily enable? 🙂

  3. Bhakti says:

    Hey Charlie,
    Thanks for the feedback, the Blog website upgrade is in process which is why it looks like that 🙂
    I will try to fix this soon.
    Hope to meet you soon.
    And I hope your pre-conf session is going well 🙂