Woo hoo! We are in VA for the CFUnited. And as Dips mentioned in her last post, the excitement is all doubled 🙂
The Lansdowne resort is a beauuttiiiifuulll place!! 🙂
We are excited about the sessions here and meeting everyone.
Just to remind all those who plan to attend our BYL- CFBuilder session here. We will be having an “Installation session” on the 12th August at the lunch hour.
We will be distributing DVDs of CF9 and CF builder public beta installers.
This session is primarily a Prep session for the BYL, where in we want to ensure that your laptops are all set before you walk in to our sessions.
So feel free to walk-in for installations on 12th August.
Will keep you all posted about how the CFUnited is going!!

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