Enable word wrap

CFBuilder does not have a context sensitive word wrap functionality as of now. To have soft word wrap working for cfml and html files, there’s an eclipse plugin available.
1. Help > Software Updates > Available Software tab -> Add Site
2. Enter the url – http://ahtik.com/eclipse-update/
3. Install
4. Restart CFBuilder
5. Open a cfm or html file.
6. On right-click, you’ll see a context sensitive menu ‘Virtual Word Wrap’.
Hope this helps.

2 Responses to Enable word wrap

  1. Hi Dipanwita, can you elaborate on what you mean about it not having word wrap? This seems to work just fine: window>preferences>html>editors (advanced tab)>Enabled word wrap.
    Or do you mean specifically just being able to enable it on a per-file basis with that context-menu option?

  2. Mary Jo Sminkey says:

    CFEclipse has a right-click option for files to toggle virtual word wrap on and off. I generally prefer this as it’s not something I want turned on all the time, but sometimes want to toggle on for a particular file. I don’t think it actually saves the state with the file (has to be turned on each time) and doesn’t properly show line numbers, so glad to see the word wrap in CFBuilder at least handles those correctly.