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This post is majorly a result of our session in CFUnited. CFBuilder has so many small things that it isn’t really possible to document everything and so this is one of things you might miss.
So, what’s with this flashy term “Link folder”.
The dictionary meaning says “A folder that is linked to something”.
The Link folders in ColdFusion Builder are folders (folders/directories containing any resources) which are linked to the project.
When and where would a user ideally use this:
Charlie is writing ColdFusion applications for various clients. He has a cleaner approach of working and so he creates Projects in location different from web root/document root[ For e.g. C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot or C:\Intepub\wwwroot ].
Say for client 1 all his projects are in C:\Client1 so on and so forth. However in order to preview and debug files his source files have to be in the document root(Its mandatory!)
So while creating a Project he will create the Project, say “Project_MI” for Client, say “XYZ” in C:\XYZ\Project_MI\ and he will link the source folder say C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\Project_MI in this Project. This way his purpose is served.
To do this, while creating a project go to the 3rd Panel in the Project Creation Wizard and enter details. Refer to the image below.
In case you have forgotten to do it while creating a project you can still do it by Right Click on Project -> Properties -> ColdFusion Project -> Additional Source Section
Screen shot below:
The folders that you link with your project could contain anything that the project needs. Physically these resources will still be at their own location but virtually they are associated with your project. Your link folders could be folders containing CFCs or image folders.
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6 Responses to Link folders

  1. marc esher says:

    This is very cool.
    Is this specific to CFBuilder, or does regular eclipse have this concept, as well?

  2. Henry Ho says:

    A little unrelated, but I wish that “Run” on a CFC = show the CFC Explorer in the browser.

  3. Robert Myers says:

    How do you sync “when saved” files from one folder on one machine with another folder on another machine using CFB.
    We prefer to develop on our local machines, then would like to to sync with our developer box so that we have two versions (one private & one public) always in sync.
    …and as always, thanks in advance!
    (note – you can delete this comment if you choose for being off topic.)

  4. Bhakti says:

    @marc : This is in Eclipse too.
    @Henry: You have a point! I will log this one as an enhancement. Thanks!
    @Robert: You can sync the files using FTP. I can write about that in more details in my next post. Good that you came up with this one. 🙂

  5. snm says:

    I’m still a little confused about this.
    Considering your example, if I have my project here C:\XYZ\Project_MI\, do I still have to place my source code files in the link folder C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\Project_MI?

  6. Bhakti Pingale says:

    @snm: You can place your source code files in your document root if you wish to preview and debug them. These files can be linked to your project created at C:\XYZ\Project_MI\