Set your preferences

Set your preference to suit your typing needs:
You can turn off auto activation of code assist through Window-Preferences-ColdFusion-Editor Profiles-Editor-Code Assist. This means that code assist will not be invoked automatically. However, you can invoke it by pressing CTRL+SPACE (or appropriate key combination on Mac) whenever you want. Code assist is an expensive operation and you may choose editor not to do it automatically unless invoked.
You can disable auto-insertion of closing tags.
Window-Preferences-ColdFusion-Editor Profile-Editor-Code Assist- “Automatically Insert a Closing Tag”. Because looking for the matching end tag on typing ‘>’ for the start tag is also an expensive operation. However, if you type </ and invoke code assist manually (by pressing CTRL+SPACE), it is inserted for you, so you don’t have to type closing tag.
Set your preference to reduce CFBuilder launch time:
You may choose to disable building server settings through
Window-Preferences-ColdFusion-Server Settings-Uncheck ‘Build Server Settings’. Since ColdFusion Builder uses server settings to provide code assist (for displaying datasources, resolving CFC names etc), you may choose not to initiate build while it starts. Window-Preferences-Server Settings-Check ‘Build Server Settings’ and Uncheck ‘Initiate Build When ColdFusion Builder Started’. You may choose to intiate building server settings when server is started, added or refreshed.

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