Use your snippets across IDEs

Let’s say, you have created some snippets in some other IDE, for example, CFEclipse. You can use the same snippets in CFBuilder as well.
In Window – Preferences – ColdFusion – Snippets – Snippets directory, set the snippets folder in CFEclipse workspace ({Workspace root}/.metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snippets/). This enables you to work with your existing snippets as is in CFBuilder.
Alternatively, you may copy snippets from CFEclipse workspace to CFBuilder workspace.
Location in the CFEclipse workspace:
{Workspace root}/workspace_name/.metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snippets/
Location in the CF Builder workspace:
{Workspace root}/workspace_name/.metadata/snippets/

3 Responses to Use your snippets across IDEs

  1. David Betz says:

    Does CF Builder support dynamic snippet variables as in CFEclipse?

  2. Ahamad says:

    It is better to copy all your snippets to CFBuilder workspace…

  3. Wil Genovese says:

    If your using a Mac like so many of us are, your never going to find those file locations since folders starting with a ‘.’ are considered hidden (This is the default behavior on Linux also.)
    In order to view those folder locations via Finder you must use an 3rd-party utility such as Deeper to turn on showing hidden files.
    I’ve filed a ER (79597) to have the default location for Snippets moved to a non-hidden folder. No clue if they will do that.