CFBuilder(CFB) performance

This is the key area we are trying to focus on for our next release. We had done considerable work on performance improvements for the previous Beta. But, we do understand that there is scope of improvement. We have gathered a mixed feedback from various forums, surveys, interaction in conferences, bugs reported etc, whereby we found that some users see the improvements whereas some still face serious issues with performance. For example, many of you reported issues with editor once you upgraded to Snow Leopard. There are many editor issues discussed like the ones on Snow Leopard, editing being slow even with small files, huge startup time, CFB becoming unusable, unstable build, system slowing down on using CFB etc, the repro cases for which are not straightforward. We do not hit upon them when we try out the reported cases here. The issues users face could be due to various reasons like improper installation, jvm.config tuning, server settings collection, system environment etc. So, we need more help and specific inputs from you in order to know what exactly is going wrong when user is trying to do a particular operation in CFB.
If you have been facing any of the issues mentioned above or something even remotely similar to them, please take the stack trace using the handy tool at
All you need to do is to select the CFBuilder process id from the current list of processes and get the thread dump.
The tool is free if you use Java Web Start to download it. And works on MAC, Linux & Windows.
I urge each one of you who are facing or have already reported any of these issues to please use the tool and send us the thread dump as soon as you hit upon them. You can email it to me directly at with a crisp description of the issue. Users on Snow Leopard who have reported that they find CFB unstable on this platform, please send us the details as and when you face them using this tool. This will help us to resolve your painpoints.
For free evaluation license, Go to Help->License, pick up the System Id from there. Then register yourself and provide the System ID. You will get an evaluation license with expiry date through email.

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