SQL editor & SQL code assist

Open SQL Editor:
You can right-click in the CFML editor, and select SQL Editor.
Or, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+S (Windows) or Command_Alt+S (Mac OS).
Using SQL Editor to write and edit SQL statements:
In the SQL Editor, select a server from the Server drop-down list and a database from the Datasources drop-down list.
Enter the SQL statement and click OK. The SQL statement is inserted in the CFML editor at the current caret position.
You can also copy SQL code blocks from the SQL Editor directly into the CFML editor by selecting the code block and pressing Shift+Enter.
To edit a SQL code block in the CFML editor, select the code block, right-click, and select SQL Editor. The selected code block appears in the SQL Editor.
Code Assist for SQL statements:
Code Assist is available only for database table names and field names in the SQL statement.
For code hints to appear, begin entering the SQL statement in the SQL editor, and press Ctrl+<Space> to display the database table names or field names.
Navigate through the list of table names or field names using the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys.
Select a table name or field name and press Enter. The selected table or field is added to the SQL statement.

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