Support for non JRun Based servers

Prior to Public Beta Non-JRun based servers could not be added in CFB. That is if your ColdFusion is running on WAS or JBOSS, you couldn’t add the server in Builder and work on it.
We have now implemented this support. In your Public beta 2 build you will see that while adding the server the Application Server field as a combo-box, If you are working with non JRun Server you should select the option ‘Other’ so that on the second page you just need to enter the Document root.
The only thing you cannot do while adding a non- Jrun server is starting-stopping the server hence you will be prompted about that message when you select the option ‘Other’.
However you can associate this server with a project and preview and debug files. Infact if you have a virtual host for the server you can add that as well.
Working on all kinds of Application servers is now supported with ColdFusion Builder.
Looking forward for your feedback about the same… 🙂

One Response to Support for non JRun Based servers

  1. “supported” seems a bit much. Why not allow running custom shell scripts, ANT tasks etc. for start/stop actions ?