CFBuilder Beta3 Live !!!

CFBuilder Beta3 is Live on labs.
Please go through the release notes and Installation Instructions before you upgrade the build.We have noticed that those who upgrade from plug-in Installation usually face some issues in upgrade.So when you are upgrading the plug-in Installation we request you to follow the install Instructions properly.The most common cause of hiccup while upgrading a plug-in installation is that many users keep the ColdFusion/ColdFusion Debug Perspective open in eclipse and then try to uninstall and install the new build and things go wrong.You can close these perspectives by right clicking on the perspective buttons and choosing close as shown in the screen shot.In Windows use the Uninstaller application present in the uninstall directory to uninstall CFB.In mac use the uninstall_cfbuilder script present in the eclipse directory to uninstall CFBuilder.
Do start eclipse in a -clean mode before you install the latest build so that we can make sure that all the files are cleared from the eclipse cache.Now Install the latest beta and you should get your perspectives properly.

ColdFusionDebug.png ColdFusion.png