ORM specific code assist

Code assist now has a brand new addition under its umbrella – ORM code assist! Do try your hands on them and let us know your feedback.
Couple of ORM specific code assist that CFBuilder provides:
– for This.ormsettings in Application.cfc
– for entity names in entityLoad(), entityNew() and entityFindByPK() functions and method names for variables created in relevant cases
– for methods and properties returned by entityLoad(), entityNew() and entityFindByPK() functions
– for attributes table, discriminatorcolumn and joincolumn of cfcomponent tag
– if entity name is not speficied for ORM cfc, it is considered to be same as cfc name
– for code hyperlinks for entity names and methods
– for attributes of cfproperty – name, fieldtype, linktable, fkcolumn, inversejoincolumn, cfc, column, structkeycolumn and elementcolumn

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