Things to watch out while Installing CFB

1.Instructions to the pre-release and beta build users:
Before you install ColdFusion Builder release build,if you have applied the license key anytime that you have received from Adobe, please make sure to deactivate the license(Help->Adobe ColdFusiion Builder Deactivation…) with erase checkbox selected.Then uninstall the earlier builds.
If you are installing as plug-in please make sure to have fresh copy of eclipse rather than installing on top of the eclipse that was used for beta or pre-release builds.
If you are using CFB along with Flash Builder please make sure that you are using the released build of Flash Builder.

2.Eclipse Versions:
For plug-in mode installation of CF Builder you can use eclipse 3.4.2 or 3.5.1.It is recommended that you use 3.5.1.
Only 32 bit eclipse is supported.You can’t use ColdFusion Builder with 64-bit eclipse.
For Mac OSX, cocoa version of eclipse is not supported.Make sure that you use carbon version of eclipse.

3. Not able to see License screen?
If you are using either cocoa version or 64 bit version of eclipse, you may not see the license window of ColdFusion Builder.Also many features of CF Builder like color coding will be missing,Help->Adobe ColdFusion Builder Registration is disabled. So please make sure that you are using the right version of eclipse.

4.Why I don’t see color coding??
License window is a modal one and if you click on any file even before license window comes up, license window appears behind the eclipse/CFB and you may not observe this and you may see that color coding is missing.Please make sure to accept the trial license in the modal window and this issue won’t happen.

5.Can’t see ColdFusion perspective after installing ColdFusion Builder as a plug-in to eclipse

In case of ColdFusion Builder plug-in installation on Eclipse, when you uninstall ColdFusion Builder and reinstall plug-ins into a different directory than the initial install directory, then you may not see the ColdFusion Builder perspective.

  • Workaround incase of Eclipse 3.4.2:

    Install (i.e unzip) a fresh copy of eclipse and put the file by copying it from the eclipse_home\dropins to the newly installed new_eclipse_home\dropins.

  • Workaround incase of Eclipse 3.5.1:

    Remove the file named ‘’ from the eclipse_home\dropins directory by backing it up at some other location. Now launch the eclipse (This clear-off the eclipse cache).Now put back the file into the dropins directory and launch Eclipse to see the ColdFusion perspective.

  • If you don’t want to use the fresh copy of eclipse , reinstall ColdFusion Builder plug-ins into the same path as the initial installation plug-ins path.

Above issue can also come up if you are moving from Beta builds to final release build on the same eclipse as that is used for Beta installation.

To workaround this you can start using the fresh copy of eclipse or apply the same workaround as mentioned above.

6. ColdFusion Builder Licensing Error while launching:
Sometimes, you may come across the following error message while launching:

Can’t launch ColdFusion Builder with an error ‘Licensing for this product has stopped working’ with error code 150:30 or 148:3 with
detailed Error message: ‘This product has encountered a problem which requires that you restart your computer before it can be launched’

These errors might come when

1. Anchor service is not installed
2. FNPLicensingService is not running though it is installed
3. While installing ColdFusion Builder, there are other high memory consuming services running
4. Either System is running low on physical memory or virtual memory

How to work around this:

On Mac, please check whether you have Anchor Service installed or not in your system at path:Library/Application Support/Flexnet Publisher/Service/

For Win, you may check the path %Program Files%\Common Files\Macrovision shared\Flexnet Publisher\

If it is already installed, start FNPLicensing service (under services you can see the service with the name ‘FLEXnet Licensing Service’) manually and launch ColdFusion Builder.

If it is not installed or unable to start the ‘FLEXnet Licensing Service’ or above workaround is not working, uninstall and reinstall ColdFusion Builder as an admin user with the following guidelines.

  • While installing please make sure that you there are no other high memory consuming services running and have at least 4GB of usable hard disk space.

  • If it is on Windows, please make sure that ‘Windows Installer’ service is running.

11 Responses to Things to watch out while Installing CFB

  1. Juerg Anderegg says:

    Just downloaded the trial. I was using beta3 as plugin installation on OS/X before. I did a clean uninstall of the beta plugin and reinstalled the final version as described. Unfortunately, CFBuilder isn’t working as before. Sometimes I have color coding, sometimes I don’t. Tag completion isn’t working anymore. I’ve also noticed, that I cannot enter any serial number or select trial mode; the 3 menu items beyond “Help” (“Adobe ColdFusion Builder Registration”, “Adobe ColdFusion Builder Deativation” and “Adobe ColdFusion Builder Updates”) are all greyed out…? Also tried to install the plugin on a fresh Eclipse install – same issues. Any ideas? I’ve installed the latest Eclipse version; 3.5.2; here only 3.5.1 is mentioned. 3.5.2. not supported?

  2. Andrew Scott says:

    Interesting article, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Beta’s made sure I followed this to the letter. And I am getting an error 147:20 whats this error and why even after rebooting and reinstalling am I still getting this error.
    I looked int the directory, for the FLEXnet Licensing Service and it just doesn’t exist. Why is this not installed when I install the product?

  3. Krishna says:

    Juerg, Are you using 32-bit eclipse only?Eclipse 3.5.1 is certified.

  4. Krishna says:

    Andrew,FLEXnet Licensing Service would not have got installed if
    1. While installing ColdFusion Builder, there are other high memory consuming services running
    2. Either System is running low on usable physical memory or virtual memory
    To resolve your issue… please reinstall making sure that you don’t run any high memory consuming services while installing….

  5. Juerg Anderegg says:

    @Krishna: Yes; 32bit. But Eclipse 3.5.2. Installed the standalone edition – works!

  6. Team,

    I originally installed as a plug-in for Eclipse. Did an uninstall using Adobe provided service. Installed as a stand-alone. Purchased license.

    Now getting the “… licensing is not working” error.

    I have put a couple of days work into configuring CFB for my FTP/SVN/Corporate environment, so a reinstall is a very bad option for me.

    I have put 4 other developers on the trial version and I would like to use this product at my company moving forward. However, this situation is giving me pause.

    Is there ANY workaround/process that would allow me too avoid a reinstall and the associated downtime to go through the configuration again.

    System specs:
    MacBook Air
    24″ Cinema Monitor
    OS X 10.6.4

    Version: 1.0.0
    Build: 271911

    Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thanks, Mike

  7. Another note. As Juerg indicated in the above post, all registration/activation options are greyed out. Additionally, the only symptoms I’m noticing seem to be related to the editor profile. Colors, tag completion, etc.

  8. AndyC says:

    I’ve tried to add cfbuilder as a plugin to flash builder but cannot see it in perspectives
    I may have installed it in wrong directory. Where should the adobe coldfusion builder plugins be located?

  9. sybsteve says:

    Similar to Michael Dresslar, I installed the stand-alone version ( on OS X 10.6.4 with 10GB memory and dual quad core Mac Pro but am getting the licensing error 150:30. I have restarted my machine multiple times with no success. I’ve verified that the FNPLicensingService is installed and running and still no luck getting CFB to start without the licensing error. Unfortunately, this seems to be related to the functionality show-stoppers below.

    The real problem is that CFM color coding, auto-completion, code collapsing and other features only seem to work with one CFM page at a time. If I close CFB and reopen it, the CFM page that was active is properly color coded with all functionality (auto-completion, collapsing code, etc) but any other pages that were loaded in the CFB editor perspective are just showing up as if they were opened with a dumb text editor with no color coding, etc) – I’ve verified that these pages were opened with the Adobe CF editor. In fact, if I make a page that is not properly color coded the active page and then close CFB and then re-start CFB, that page (the one that is active) now is properly color coded but the page that was properly color-coded before closing and re-opening CFB is now not color coded. Also any new CFM page that I open isn’t color coded as expected – I might as well be coding with TextEdit (certainly cheaper!). So it seems that the only way that I can get things to work is to only have one CFM page open at a time and when I want to open and modify another CFM page, close the first, open the second, close CFB and then re-open CFB. This is not a recipe for productive CF coding. Going back to CF Studio on Windows is looking a lot better at the moment. Any ideas?

    • RW says:

      Any resolution to this. I’m currently experiencing the same issue. I started with a CFBuilder trial, but then found CFEclipse (which is free vs. $299 CFB). I ‘uninstalled’ CFbuilder, but when I run Eclipse I get the Adobe Licensing Error (error code: 14). Only the code module that was last active before the workspace was closed is color coded. The rest of them are displayed as if they were in a regular text editor. I’m in the middle of a project and this is costing me time. I’d appreciate any resolution you may have come up with for this. Cheers.

  10. krishnareddy says:

    Fixing 150:30 error:
    1. Please check whether you have Anchor Service installed or not in your system at path:
    Library/Application Support/Flexnet Publisher/Service/ . Probably it would not have been there.
    3. Uninstall the product and Reboot the machine.
    4. Login as admin and install CFB. Don’t start other services while installing.
    5.Launch the product.