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Opening a file in CFB from explorer

While attempting to open a file from outside CFB (.cfm/.cfc is set to open with CB), you may hit upon a ‘workspace in use’ error. This occurs in shared machines with different users. The workaround is to delete the .eclipse folder that gets created in the user’s home directory. After deleting, start CFB using -clean option. You should be able to open files from file system.

Encoding in CFB

ColdFusion Builder now treats all cfml content as UTF-8 encoded by default. This can be changed through preferences to suit the encoding of the file being edited.
Refer to Sandeep’s blog on ‘how to change encoding preference’.
Also, the forum post has similar issue answered.

What would you like to see in the next version of ColdFusion Builder?

The Storm (codename for next release of ColdFusion Builder) research survey is live and available at
Through this survey, we would like to know your feedback on the current version as well as what you think should be the driving features of the next version. Please spend some time to take the survey and help the CFB team move in the right direction while working on the next version.

Adobe Community Help updates

You can find some useful updates on Adobe Community Help Client (CHC) at: