The first CFB Updater is live! Go, get that fast!

I am sure many of you have been waiting for this for quite some time now. We have news to cheer you up. CFB Updater1 inlcudes hotfixes for some of the bothering usability issues like Editor jump issue for long lines with horizontal scroll, code folding misbehavior, out-of-memory issue for very large projects etc; to call out the high visibility ones. So, Happy CFB-ing once again!
As regards the Updater installation, some points to be noted:

  • This is a critical update and Adobe Updater will download the same and prompt the user for installation
  • AdobeUpdater looks for the updates on a weekly basis (can be set to monthly in Adobe Updater Preferences)
  • CFB updater can be manually invoked via Help -> About Adobe ColdFusion Builder updates
  • CFB will update only the latest installation, say if Standalone is installed and one installs CFB as a plugin then only the plugin installation will be updated.
  • Once the updating process is complete, you need to restart CFB with -clean option

Please refer to the technote for information on issues you might hit upon. It also lists the bug fixes that have gone in –