Introducing the ColdFusion Docyard

The coldfusion docyard is an initiative by Adobe ColdFusion documentation engineers to collate all ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder documentation and related resources information in a single blog. The content includes but is not limited to links to online product documentation, release notes, coldfusion engineers’ and community leaders’ personal blogs, tutorials and devnet articles on, videos etc. Some of the ColdFusion Builder related resources available on the docyard might have already been linked up from this blog earlier. For a superset of Coldfusion Builder 2 documentation, please refer to .

2 Responses to Introducing the ColdFusion Docyard

  1. If I have JavaScript enabled, I can’t view this blog entry.

    I’ve tried it in multiple browsers – same issue for all of them – I get the title showing, a blank white page, and constant loading.

    According to Firebug, these two files never finish downloading:

    It gets to 67KB and 13.9KB respectively, but never further than that (no network traffic occuring, but network connection working fine).

    I wonder if there’s some jQuery conflict, since the page has another copy of it being loaded at a different URL, although that might just be a coincidence and the issue is caused by something else.

  2. Dipanwita says:

    Hi, we have to investigate this issue as we do not see any issues in viewing this page.