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ColdFusion Builder 2 Lab at MAX 2011

If you are attending ‘Hands-on with ColdFusion Builder 2’ lab (BYOD) this year at MAX, then here are a few things you may want to do before the lab session:

You may choose to use other variants of ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder 2 installations, but the lab instruction set is created assuming standalone versions of these products. So in case you do not use standalone versions, then instructions may not exactly match your setup.
Note : If you are already using ColdFusion Builder 2 in trial mode, ensure that the trial has NOT expired and ColdFusion Builder is NOT in Express Edition mode.
Here is the brief outline of the lab session:
  1. Set up ColdFusion Builder 2 for the lab:
    • Configure ColdFusion Server in the Server Manager of ColdFusion Builder
    • Create a ColdFusion project in the default workspace
    • Create a folder in wwwroot for lab work and link the folder in the project
    • Install Apptacular extension. We will use the code generated by Apptacular for most of the lab work
  2. Use the new features in ColdFusion Builder 2:
    • Code Formatter
    • Advanced Find & Replace
    • New Editor Features
      • Code Assist Improvements
      • Quick Fix
      • Code Navigation
      • Tag Block Selection
      • Jumping to Matching Tag
      • Hover Help
    • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Code Folding Enhancements
    • Task Management
    • Start Page
  3. (Optional) Use the new ORM CFC Generator Extension to generate ORM CFCs

Note that the Apptacular extension that we use in the lab is a modified version of one available on RIAForge (developed by Terry Ryan). The modifications are minor, we have enabled the extension to generate code in the selected folder of the Navigator. Therefore use the modified extension available in the demo asset.

I am very excited to co-present this lab session. Look forward to your participation…

See you at MAX.

– Ram Kulkarni


Presentation and demo files of my session at NCDevCon – Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions

Here are presentation file and demo files of my session at NCDevCon, titled ‘Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions’.

Demo extensions are in the zip file. If you want to try out these demos, unzip them under wwwroot and import these extensions in the ColdFusion Builder.

Each demo slide in the presentation also has name of the extension to run. The Extension8, to demo callback commands, reads commands from xml files in the folder Extension8/handlers/commands. You need to modify paths in these xml files as per your setup.

-Ram Kulkarni



NCDevCon-ColdFusion Builder Extensions

Presenting ‘ColdFusion Builder Extensions’ at NCDevCon

If you are attending NCDevCon this week end and want to know how to develop extensions for the ColdFusion Builder, then you may want to attend my session – I will presenting ‘Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions’ at NCDevCon on 18th, at 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

As you might know, you can use ColdFusion Builder Extensions to extend the functionality of ColdFusion Builder.

Here is the brief outline of the talk –

  • Introduction to ColdFusion Builder Extension
  • Where Extension can be useful
  • Developing Extensions
    • Extension Metadata
    • Installer Wizard
    • Project Contribution
    • Menu Contributions
    • Generating UI from extension handler
    • Extension as View
    • Contributing to Code Assist
    • Callback Commands
  • Using Extension Builder
  • Troubleshooting Tips

I will be presenting simple demos for most of the above topics.