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Workbook for ColdFusion Builder 2 BYOD lab at MAX 2011

I apologize for not being able to finish all the exercises that we had planned in the BYOD lab for ColdFusion Builder 2 yesterday at MAX. There were delays in the lab for various reasons. I have attached the document containing instructions for this lab here, if you want to try out the exercises we missed yesterday.

Many participants were not able to install/use Apptacular extension; mainly because either ColdFusion 9 was not installed with RDS option selected or the modified version of the extension (created for this lab) was not used. If you are still having issues with Apptacular, you can use the attached zip file, . This file contains code generated by Apptacular that we used in the lab yesterday. Unzip this in the wwwroot of your server.

If you are at MAX and have any questions abut this lab, or if you want to go over the exercises that we could not complete in the lab yesterday, then you can meet me at the ColdFusion booth. I will be there tomorrow, 4th October, from 2:30 to 4:00 pm and on 5th October from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.

Ram Kulkarni


MAX2011_CFB2_BYOD_Instructions : BYOD Instructions set

MAX2011_CFB2_BYOD_Presentation : BYOD Presentation Slides : Apptacular Application

CFB-Demo Assets-MAX : Demo assets containing Apptacular and Adobe CFC Generator extensions