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FTP in ColdFusion Builder

Wanted to write something for a while but wasn’t really getting enough time. And then Ben made my job easy. A lot of you were asking for FTP in ColdFusion Builder so here you go. Give it a shot!

Support for non JRun Based servers

Prior to Public Beta Non-JRun based servers could not be added in CFB. That is if your ColdFusion is running on WAS or JBOSS, you couldn’t add the server in Builder and work on it.
We have now implemented this support. In your Public beta 2 build you will see that while adding the server the Application Server field as a combo-box, If you are working with non JRun Server you should select the option ‘Other’ so that on the second page you just need to enter the Document root.
The only thing you cannot do while adding a non- Jrun server is starting-stopping the server hence you will be prompted about that message when you select the option ‘Other’.
However you can associate this server with a project and preview and debug files. Infact if you have a virtual host for the server you can add that as well.
Working on all kinds of Application servers is now supported with ColdFusion Builder.
Looking forward for your feedback about the same… :)

New enhancements in Server manager

The Public Beta 2 has some new additions in the Server area:
- Virtual Host support : You can now add your virtual hosts to your server. And associate these with your project. This makes it easier for you to work on your sites and manage your servers
- URL Prefix : This was one more thing which a lot of you wanted and it has been supported in 2 ways- Server Wizard and right clicking in the navigator view->’Set URl Prefix’.
- Support for non-Jrun servers : You can now add a Non-Jrun server i.e. JBOSS, WAS etc into CFbuilder and work with it. The only thing you can’t do here is start-stop-restart the server.
- Couple of Bug fixes : We have tried to fix a couple of major issues that you were facing while adding a server or working with it. If you see any new issue then feel free to add your comment.
Do get your hands dirty with these new ones!

ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder Public Beta 2 Released!!

So now you know where the ColdFusion Builder Team had suddenly vanished for a while with no posts on the Blog and ‘no hear-no say’ happening.
ColdFusion 9(Centaur) was officially released along with the Public Beta 2 of ColdFusion Builder on the 5th Oct 09.
Which means you have a newer server to serve and a better release of the Builder to code!
Do try and let us know how you feel about it!

Link folders

This post is majorly a result of our session in CFUnited. CFBuilder has so many small things that it isn’t really possible to document everything and so this is one of things you might miss.
So, what’s with this flashy term “Link folder”.
The dictionary meaning says “A folder that is linked to something”.
The Link folders in ColdFusion Builder are folders (folders/directories containing any resources) which are linked to the project.
When and where would a user ideally use this:
Charlie is writing ColdFusion applications for various clients. He has a cleaner approach of working and so he creates Projects in location different from web root/document root[ For e.g. C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot or C:\Intepub\wwwroot ].
Say for client 1 all his projects are in C:\Client1 so on and so forth. However in order to preview and debug files his source files have to be in the document root(Its mandatory!)
So while creating a Project he will create the Project, say “Project_MI” for Client, say “XYZ” in C:\XYZ\Project_MI\ and he will link the source folder say C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\Project_MI in this Project. This way his purpose is served.
To do this, while creating a project go to the 3rd Panel in the Project Creation Wizard and enter details. Refer to the image below.
In case you have forgotten to do it while creating a project you can still do it by Right Click on Project -> Properties -> ColdFusion Project -> Additional Source Section
Screen shot below:
The folders that you link with your project could contain anything that the project needs. Physically these resources will still be at their own location but virtually they are associated with your project. Your link folders could be folders containing CFCs or image folders.
Shoot your Questions if any…

Back from CFUnited!

Hello All,
We are back from CFUnited and its been a wonderful experience!!
All the sessions were received well and its nice to see all our customers excited about CF9 and CFBuilder.
We met some terrific people and are glad that we could spend considerable time with them.
Detailed report will be coming soon from both of us!
Till then…


Woo hoo! We are in VA for the CFUnited. And as Dips mentioned in her last post, the excitement is all doubled :)
The Lansdowne resort is a beauuttiiiifuulll place!! :)
We are excited about the sessions here and meeting everyone.
Just to remind all those who plan to attend our BYL- CFBuilder session here. We will be having an “Installation session” on the 12th August at the lunch hour.
We will be distributing DVDs of CF9 and CF builder public beta installers.
This session is primarily a Prep session for the BYL, where in we want to ensure that your laptops are all set before you walk in to our sessions.
So feel free to walk-in for installations on 12th August.
Will keep you all posted about how the CFUnited is going!!

Importing RDS Server

Let’s say you have added a bunch of servers in RDS and use it quite regularly. Now you want to perform the start-stop or fondly called [;)] “Server Management” operation on these servers.
“Import RDS” lets you do this.
How do you do it?
When you add a server, if you have some servers in RDS but not in Servers view, you will be prompted with this window:

Selecting the second option imports your RDS Server as a CFServer in the Server Manager.

Open CFC

You will see a small icon at the top toolbar which looks like this :
This icon is the “Open CFC” icon. Clicking this icon will list all the CFCs opened in the navigator view. Lets say you have n no of projects opened in the navigator and you want to quickly refer to a method in one of the CFCs. Instead of finding the project and then searching for the CFC from so many in the Project, just click this icon and the list of open CFCs will be available.
Not just that, all these CFCs are listed with their fully qualified names making it easier for you to choose.
Good things indeed come in small packages… :)

Adobe Dev Summit 2009

Adobe Dev Summit, 2009 has been announced. The summit is on 4th August, 2009 at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. I will be speaking there on “Whats new in ColdFusion 9″ specifically covering CFBuilder.
You can sign up for a Gold pass, which is absolutely free. You can also sign up for a Platinum pass and get Flex Builder 3 Professional license for free.
What’s in this Dev Summit for you?
See the new, improved and rocking LiveCycle Data Services 3 in action! If you are a Java developer, you wouldn’t want to miss this one!
If you are a PHP/Java developer, get on the RIA expressway using the new Data Centric Development features on Adobe Flash Builder 4
If you’re into enterprise-wide RIA development, things have just got hot! Check out the brand new version of ColdFusion with the sparkling new developer IDE – ColdFusion Builder.
User Interfaces are a thing of the past now. Build User Experiences of tomorrow with Adobe Flash Catalyst. Quicker than ever!
Sign up for a Platinum Pass and get the award winning Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional license worth USD 699 FREE!
Please find more details and register here