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Presentation and demo files of my session at NCDevCon – Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions

Here are presentation file and demo files of my session at NCDevCon, titled ‘Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions’.

Demo extensions are in the zip file. If you want to try out these demos, unzip them under wwwroot and import these extensions in the ColdFusion Builder.

Each demo slide in the presentation also has name of the extension to run. The Extension8, to demo callback commands, reads commands from xml files in the folder Extension8/handlers/commands. You need to modify paths in these xml files as per your setup.

-Ram Kulkarni



NCDevCon-ColdFusion Builder Extensions

Presenting ‘ColdFusion Builder Extensions’ at NCDevCon

If you are attending NCDevCon this week end and want to know how to develop extensions for the ColdFusion Builder, then you may want to attend my session – I will presenting ‘Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions’ at NCDevCon on 18th, at 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

As you might know, you can use ColdFusion Builder Extensions to extend the functionality of ColdFusion Builder.

Here is the brief outline of the talk –

  • Introduction to ColdFusion Builder Extension
  • Where Extension can be useful
  • Developing Extensions
    • Extension Metadata
    • Installer Wizard
    • Project Contribution
    • Menu Contributions
    • Generating UI from extension handler
    • Extension as View
    • Contributing to Code Assist
    • Callback Commands
  • Using Extension Builder
  • Troubleshooting Tips

I will be presenting simple demos for most of the above topics.

Some ColdFusion Builder 2 gems

Some very informative blog posts by Sandeep Paliwal :

Think ColdFusion Builder v.1 and CFEclipse are the same? Think again. – By Adam Lehman

Think ColdFusion Builder v.1 and CFEclipse are the same? Think again.

Extension Title Image

There is a small enhancement available in Extension which nobody would have tried out.. You can add icons to the title bar of your extension.As you see, i have added a small funky icon..

The title bar size was a concern for many.By adding an icon the width of the title bar adjust to the size of the icon.So when you design the interface choose appropriately sized icon

Well to do this simply add an image attribute to the dialog tag in ide_config.xml

<action name=”demo test” handlerid=”test”>
        <dialog title=”This is a custom title test” image=”images/smiley.gif”>
                <input name=”test” label=”test” type=”dir” />

For more info on Extension checkout documentation

How Do I generate ORM CFC’s???

Many of you might be stuck up at this question.
So thought of giving a Captivate Demo of CFC Generator which will help you to create ORM CFC’s from tables.Not the best quality video,but should be of help 🙂
See it here

ORM CFC Generator

Most of you who are already in public forums of ColdFusion Builder know about CFC Generator extension for CFBuilder. For those who are new to it,its an extension to CFBuilder which will help you to automatically create ORM CFC’s for tables listed in the RDS View of CFBuilder.
We have an updated version of CFC Generator Extension available…Try this one out.
We have added option to specify relations and join conditions .
We would like to hear your comments on this 🙂
While Installing the extension to CFBuilder,the server chosen should be the latest public beta build of CF9 Server.
See instructions on how to use this extension here
Adobe CFC Generator