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Next release of ColdFusion Builder is codenamed Twister

As Terry Ryan announced during cfObjective (ANZ) next release of ColdFusion Builder is codenamed as Twister. It will be aligned with Zeus release (ColdFusion server next) and will be an upgrade to ColdFusion Builder 2.0.

Apart from important bug fixes, some of the key changes include support for Zeus CFML changes and language additions, server management for Zeus, performance improvements for Editor and enhanced Adobe CFC Generator extension.

If you have any particular bug that you would like us to fix, make sure you report and get more people vote for the same. You can access public bug tracker for CF Builder here.


Workbook for ColdFusion Builder 2 BYOD lab at MAX 2011

I apologize for not being able to finish all the exercises that we had planned in the BYOD lab for ColdFusion Builder 2 yesterday at MAX. There were delays in the lab for various reasons. I have attached the document containing instructions for this lab here, if you want to try out the exercises we missed yesterday.

Many participants were not able to install/use Apptacular extension; mainly because either ColdFusion 9 was not installed with RDS option selected or the modified version of the extension (created for this lab) was not used. If you are still having issues with Apptacular, you can use the attached zip file, . This file contains code generated by Apptacular that we used in the lab yesterday. Unzip this in the wwwroot of your server.

If you are at MAX and have any questions abut this lab, or if you want to go over the exercises that we could not complete in the lab yesterday, then you can meet me at the ColdFusion booth. I will be there tomorrow, 4th October, from 2:30 to 4:00 pm and on 5th October from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.

Ram Kulkarni


MAX2011_CFB2_BYOD_Instructions : BYOD Instructions set

MAX2011_CFB2_BYOD_Presentation : BYOD Presentation Slides : Apptacular Application

CFB-Demo Assets-MAX : Demo assets containing Apptacular and Adobe CFC Generator extensions

ColdFusion Builder 2 Lab at MAX 2011

If you are attending ‘Hands-on with ColdFusion Builder 2’ lab (BYOD) this year at MAX, then here are a few things you may want to do before the lab session:

You may choose to use other variants of ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder 2 installations, but the lab instruction set is created assuming standalone versions of these products. So in case you do not use standalone versions, then instructions may not exactly match your setup.
Note : If you are already using ColdFusion Builder 2 in trial mode, ensure that the trial has NOT expired and ColdFusion Builder is NOT in Express Edition mode.
Here is the brief outline of the lab session:
  1. Set up ColdFusion Builder 2 for the lab:
    • Configure ColdFusion Server in the Server Manager of ColdFusion Builder
    • Create a ColdFusion project in the default workspace
    • Create a folder in wwwroot for lab work and link the folder in the project
    • Install Apptacular extension. We will use the code generated by Apptacular for most of the lab work
  2. Use the new features in ColdFusion Builder 2:
    • Code Formatter
    • Advanced Find & Replace
    • New Editor Features
      • Code Assist Improvements
      • Quick Fix
      • Code Navigation
      • Tag Block Selection
      • Jumping to Matching Tag
      • Hover Help
    • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Code Folding Enhancements
    • Task Management
    • Start Page
  3. (Optional) Use the new ORM CFC Generator Extension to generate ORM CFCs

Note that the Apptacular extension that we use in the lab is a modified version of one available on RIAForge (developed by Terry Ryan). The modifications are minor, we have enabled the extension to generate code in the selected folder of the Navigator. Therefore use the modified extension available in the demo asset.

I am very excited to co-present this lab session. Look forward to your participation…

See you at MAX.

– Ram Kulkarni


ColdFusion Builder 2 Hot Fix 1 is now available

We have released ColdFusion Builder 2 Hot Fix 1 that fixes some key issues on search functionality including search performance on large number of files.

The installer and other details are available here

Introducing the ColdFusion Docyard

The coldfusion docyard is an initiative by Adobe ColdFusion documentation engineers to collate all ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder documentation and related resources information in a single blog. The content includes but is not limited to links to online product documentation, release notes, coldfusion engineers’ and community leaders’ personal blogs, tutorials and devnet articles on, videos etc. Some of the ColdFusion Builder related resources available on the docyard might have already been linked up from this blog earlier. For a superset of Coldfusion Builder 2 documentation, please refer to .

ColdFusion Builder Express Edition, a free version of ColdFusion Builder 2

Find out more about ColdFusion Builder 2 express edition at .

Now Available – Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2

After months of being available as a public beta, we’re proud to announce that Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 is now out the door!

ColdFusion Builder 2 is the next generation of Eclipse-based integrated development environments (IDE), offering ColdFusion developers new features to develop, test and deploy applications in less time through customizable work environments and expanded functionality with extensions built in ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML).

Here’s a snapshot of the new features:

– Improved workflows: The new release provides professional coding tools for CFML, CFScript, HTML, JavaScript, SQL and CSS; server management, advanced search & replace; and new deployment capabilities—from development to production.

– Professional coding support: Developers can use and customize keyboard shortcuts, color coding, code formatting, code assist, quick fix, code insight and code snippets, speeding up the development process.

– Extend capabilities: CFML can be used to increase the functionality of ColdFusion Builder 2, creating extensions to generate applications, insert blocks of code, create custom views, and expand code assist with customized code proposals.

– Integration with Adobe Flash Builder 4.5: ColdFusion Builder 2 also integrates with Flash Builder 4.5—also announced today—to accelerate the development of Flex and Adobe AIR apps. Flash Builder 4.5 enables developers to introspect CFCs, automatically generate corresponding ActionScript objects and leverage web services.

ColdFusion Builder 2, along with Flash Builder 4.5 and ColdFusion 9, is an important part of the Adobe Flash Platform—the comprehensive set of tools, services and runtimes for creating RIAs. Try it free for 60 days; then you can either purchase the full license or use the Express Edition. The Express Edition allows you to use ColdFusion Builder with basic features such as editor, code assist, and syntax highlighting.

You have the following options to buy ColdFusion Builder 2:

• Upgrade from ColdFusion Builder 1 at US $109
• Get a full licensed version at US $299
• Get a free edition with limited features
• Get a trial license with full feature set for 60 days
• Upgrade from Flash Build 4.5 premium at US $49
• Get CFB as part of Flash Build 4.5 premium at US $699

For pricing information & version comparison, please go to –
To buy, please go to –
To get the Trial version, please go to –

We look forward to your feedback and we hope you’ll visit our blog on future updates and news! To learn more about what’s available in ColdFusion Builder 2, check out these other resources:

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ColdFusion Builder 2 Links And Documents

Some resource pointers that may help you get started with ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta.