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ColdFusion Builder 2 is public!

Seems like yesterday when the team was all geared up for ColdFusion Builder 1 getting ready to go public. And it’s already that exciting and gripping time again…Yes, ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta is out of door now and is available at Adobe Labs. Niceties about it will follow soon. To start with, here’s an edifying article by Ram Kulkarni. Watch out this space for write-ups about feature internals, code examples, handy tips, troubleshooting notes etc. As to where you’d put in bug reports and feature requests, it’s still at

ColdFusion Search Vs Eclipse Search

ColdFusion Builder search complements the search capability of eclipse and also includes search capabilities which you did not find in eclipse search. Below table provides comparison between details of options, scopes, feature  ColdFusion search and Eclipse search.



ColdFusion Builder Search

Eclipse Find/Search

Current Document



Open Documents Yes
Projects Any Project selected from the list Only in enclosing projects
Workingset Yes Yes
Workspace Yes Yes
Local Directory Yes
FTP Directory Yes
RDS Directory Yes
Multi-Line Search Yes
Selected Lines Yes Yes
Selected Resource Yes Yes
Match case Yes Yes
Match whole word Yes Yes
Search backward Yes Yes
Search Incremental Yes Yes
Use reg-ex Yes Yes
Ignore whitespace Yes
Wrap search Yes Yes
Other Features
Tag search :- Simply search for tag, or look for tag having some attribute or containing some text.. so on.. 

Perform operations on matching tag like adding/removing attribute, setting content before/after tag, remove / replace tag etc






Code preview while replace all on workspace files. Yes
Showing search result Shows the search result in package view and each nodes are arranged in logical manner with matches at each level. 

Ex: Folder-> Sub Folder 1, Sub Folder2

Shows the result in order it finds. No grouping of search results.
Context search ColdFusion search understands all the contexts in coldfusion perspective. 

For example :- From File Browser when browsing through remote FTP files. Opening the search dialog keeping selection in File browser opens dialog with connection detail, location filled in.

Works only with current file and selection in navigator


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CFBuilder Movies

Wish all our CFB blog visitors a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

As the first post in 2011, let me point you all to some very interesting and helpful videos related to project creation, server configuration and debugging. Here they are : CFBuilder Movies. These have been prepared by one of our LR experts Anand. More on editor features coming soon!

Think ColdFusion Builder v.1 and CFEclipse are the same? Think again. – By Adam Lehman

Think ColdFusion Builder v.1 and CFEclipse are the same? Think again.

ColdFusion 9 Update 1 is public!

ColdFusion 9.0.1 is available for download with lot of cool enhancements and  bug fixes.

You can download it from here

For details on enhancements in ColdFusion 9.0.1 , you can refer to Terry Ryan’s devnet article

CPU spike if TailView is kept open in CFBuilder

CPU usage of jrun service spikes if Tail View is kept open in CFB. The reason is that jrunsvc keeps log file opened and tail view gets the file handle every 100ms. This leads to CPU spike.
Tail View can be configured to get file handle after every 5seconds which reduces CPU spike considerably. You could do this at Windows->Preferences->HTML->Tailview->Change ‘Read Timeout’ to 5000

Opening a file in CFB from explorer

While attempting to open a file from outside CFB (.cfm/.cfc is set to open with CB), you may hit upon a ‘workspace in use’ error. This occurs in shared machines with different users. The workaround is to delete the .eclipse folder that gets created in the user’s home directory. After deleting, start CFB using -clean option. You should be able to open files from file system.

FTP in ColdFusion Builder

Wanted to write something for a while but wasn’t really getting enough time. And then Ben made my job easy. A lot of you were asking for FTP in ColdFusion Builder so here you go. Give it a shot!

Reporting one-off issues with CFBuilder

Would like to put a note here to all our beta users and request you to report to us any instability issues that you might hit upon while using CFBuilder. For example, such issues could be something like editor becoming unusable, IDE freezing up, editing becoming unusually slow, system slowing down due to use of CFBuilder, certain file/operation causing editor to behave abnormally etc. Since such cases or any other similar ones are either not very consistently reproducible, or they do not have any straightforward reproducible pattern, in order to report them to us you need to launch CFBuilder from console, take a thread dump, attach and upload it in forums or mail it to
Here is how you can do it:
On Windows – Start CFBuilder from console as CFBuilder.exe -consolelog -debug and keep using it. Once you hit upon the issue, take the thread dump using Ctrl+Break.
On Mac – Start CFB from Mac console. Go to /Applications/Adobe ColdFusion Builder/ Then run ./CFBuilder -debug -consolelog. Use the “ps” command to find out the process id (pid) of the Java VM. Invoke “kill -3 ” where is the process id of the Java VM.
A thread dump will be printed on the console where you started Eclipse. Since it may be long, in order to Copy & Paste it, it might be necessary to scroll and/or reduce the font size (xterm: right-click > font size > unreadable).
Alternatively, you can use the handy stacktrace tool at
All you need to do is to select the CFBuilder process id from the current list of processes and get the thread dump. The tool is free if you use Java Web Start to download it. And works on MAC, Linux & Windows.
Follow the link and select button “Launch” (press “OK” to “Run as a Java WebStart Application”)
Select menu Process > Select
In the combo box “Process ID” press the “…” button, select application and click OK
Pick menu Process > Thread Dump
File > Save As (enter some name e.g. C:\myThreadDump.txt)

CFBuilder Beta3 Live !!!

CFBuilder Beta3 is Live on labs.
Please go through the release notes and Installation Instructions before you upgrade the build.We have noticed that those who upgrade from plug-in Installation usually face some issues in upgrade.So when you are upgrading the plug-in Installation we request you to follow the install Instructions properly.The most common cause of hiccup while upgrading a plug-in installation is that many users keep the ColdFusion/ColdFusion Debug Perspective open in eclipse and then try to uninstall and install the new build and things go wrong.You can close these perspectives by right clicking on the perspective buttons and choosing close as shown in the screen shot.In Windows use the Uninstaller application present in the uninstall directory to uninstall CFB.In mac use the uninstall_cfbuilder script present in the eclipse directory to uninstall CFBuilder.
Do start eclipse in a -clean mode before you install the latest build so that we can make sure that all the files are cleared from the eclipse cache.Now Install the latest beta and you should get your perspectives properly.

ColdFusionDebug.png ColdFusion.png