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CFB performance on Mac – How is it linked to disabling Firefox preview in CFB?

Many users on Mac have been reporting weird performance issues post Beta2 though we had done much work around performance improvement. Here’s a workaround to get rid of the unexplained CFB slowdown issues that you have been facing. Internal browser is created in Eclipse with SWT.MOZILLA type. We added this in beta2. There is a bug logged with Eclipse at As per the bug report, SWT.MOZILLA type causes windowserver process of Mac to go crazy. So, what you can do now is disable Firefox preview option in CFB.
Go to Preferences->HTML->Editors->HTML->Preview. At the bottom you will see browser type listed. Uncheck Firefox, restart CFB. You might also need to uncheck Preferences->ColdFusion->Extensions->Use Mozilla browser for Extensions just in case you have it checked. Let me know if you still experience the gradual slowdown issue.

Issues on Mac – some tips

For those of you facing CFB performance and stability issues on Snow Leopard or on Mac in general, can you please try the following and let us know if you see any difference?
1. Uncheck ‘Use Mozilla browser for Extensions’ in Preferences->ColdFusion->Extensions
2. Turn off ‘Time Machine’ in System Preferences
Adobe ColdFusion QE Team

ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder Public Beta 2 Released!!

So now you know where the ColdFusion Builder Team had suddenly vanished for a while with no posts on the Blog and ‘no hear-no say’ happening.
ColdFusion 9(Centaur) was officially released along with the Public Beta 2 of ColdFusion Builder on the 5th Oct 09.
Which means you have a newer server to serve and a better release of the Builder to code!
Do try and let us know how you feel about it!

What does not work in content assist if a server is not associated with a project

We have seen people reporting about scenarios where content assist does not show up in their project files as expected. So, just thought of jotting down couple of cases where content assist will not work if one does not associate a server with a project:

  • CFCs in webroot of server – list of CFCs will not show up and content assist on methods will not be available
  • CFCs mapped in CF administrator – list of CFCs will not show up and content assist on methods will not be available
  • Built-in CFCs like query.cfc, mail.cfc, pdf.cfc etc will not be available in content assist
  • Datasources configured in CF administrator – In , content assist on datasources will not show up.

Back from CFUnited!

Hello All,
We are back from CFUnited and its been a wonderful experience!!
All the sessions were received well and its nice to see all our customers excited about CF9 and CFBuilder.
We met some terrific people and are glad that we could spend considerable time with them.
Detailed report will be coming soon from both of us!
Till then…


Woo hoo! We are in VA for the CFUnited. And as Dips mentioned in her last post, the excitement is all doubled 🙂
The Lansdowne resort is a beauuttiiiifuulll place!! 🙂
We are excited about the sessions here and meeting everyone.
Just to remind all those who plan to attend our BYL- CFBuilder session here. We will be having an “Installation session” on the 12th August at the lunch hour.
We will be distributing DVDs of CF9 and CF builder public beta installers.
This session is primarily a Prep session for the BYL, where in we want to ensure that your laptops are all set before you walk in to our sessions.
So feel free to walk-in for installations on 12th August.
Will keep you all posted about how the CFUnited is going!!

Use your snippets across IDEs

Let’s say, you have created some snippets in some other IDE, for example, CFEclipse. You can use the same snippets in CFBuilder as well.
In Window – Preferences – ColdFusion – Snippets – Snippets directory, set the snippets folder in CFEclipse workspace ({Workspace root}/.metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snippets/). This enables you to work with your existing snippets as is in CFBuilder.
Alternatively, you may copy snippets from CFEclipse workspace to CFBuilder workspace.
Location in the CFEclipse workspace:
{Workspace root}/workspace_name/.metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snippets/
Location in the CF Builder workspace:
{Workspace root}/workspace_name/.metadata/snippets/

Adobe Dev Summit 2009

Adobe Dev Summit, 2009 has been announced. The summit is on 4th August, 2009 at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. I will be speaking there on “Whats new in ColdFusion 9” specifically covering CFBuilder.
You can sign up for a Gold pass, which is absolutely free. You can also sign up for a Platinum pass and get Flex Builder 3 Professional license for free.
What’s in this Dev Summit for you?
See the new, improved and rocking LiveCycle Data Services 3 in action! If you are a Java developer, you wouldn’t want to miss this one!
If you are a PHP/Java developer, get on the RIA expressway using the new Data Centric Development features on Adobe Flash Builder 4
If you’re into enterprise-wide RIA development, things have just got hot! Check out the brand new version of ColdFusion with the sparkling new developer IDE – ColdFusion Builder.
User Interfaces are a thing of the past now. Build User Experiences of tomorrow with Adobe Flash Catalyst. Quicker than ever!
Sign up for a Platinum Pass and get the award winning Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional license worth USD 699 FREE!
Please find more details and register here

Refactoring in ColdFusion Builder

Refactoring feature of ColdFusion Builder has been explained on

At the Eclipse India Summit…

I’m at the Eclipse India Summit which is happening in Bangalore (17th & 18th July). My wireless network is not being very friendly, hence not been able to share the summit synopsis. Will get back with that and more on CF Builder soon. Please bear with the delay is responding to your comments/questions.