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CFB Beta2 Will expire on Jan 1st-Plan your upgrade to Beta3

CFBuilder Beta2 will expire on January 1st.Please plan your upgrade to Beat3 so that you don’t have to do the upgrade on an extremely busy day.Last time we noticed many were affected because we didn’t notify in advance that CFBuilder will expire and were forced to do the upgrade in a hurry. You can download beta3 from here

CFUnited – Pre-session for CFBuilder BYL

Just wanted to add that the room where we are going to conduct this pre-session installation in Millenium Falcon (12th August at the lunch hour).

At CFUnited 2009 from Aug 12 to Aug 15

I’m all excited and looking forward to meet some or many of our CFBuilder users there!
Me and Bhakti will be conducting a BYL session there on CFBuilder:
Please note that for this session, we would have a pre-session preparation whereby we would have the attendees install CF9 and CFBuilder (public beta builds) on 12th August,’09 during lunch hours (12-1:30PM). We would mostly use one of these rooms – Millenium Falcon/Pippin/Gollum for this exercise.
For those who are attending our BYL session, please make sure you walk in for the pre-session installations.