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The wait is over! Our baby bird has learnt to fly!

Finally… it’s Click->Buy ColdFusion Builder! And do I need to mention that we are super-excited? 🙂
Yes, the first ever version of ColdFusion Builder (CFB) has hit the online store! As most of you know, CFB is the first ever home grown IDE for ColdFusion(CF) development. It has always come up as the topmost feature/tool request from the community. CFB provides extensive IDE capabilities and makes CF development much more productive. I would like to congratulate all the stakeholders and to thank each and everyone who has helped make this product what it is today. I am sure it has been a very enriching journey for each one of us individually and as a team.
Just want to call out that we have made some major freeze, performance and startup time related fixes since the last available public beta version.
Here are some handy resource pointers:
ColdFusion Builder release notes:
Getting started with various tasks in ColdFusion Builder:
Getting started tutorials and videos:
ColdFusion Builder documentation:
We would also like to tell you that CFB can henceforth be updated via Help -> Adobe ColdFusion Builder Updates. This will look for any available updates and install the same. Any major fixes will be made available via updates, which means you would have them faster without having to wait for a major version release.