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Presentation and demo files of my session at NCDevCon – Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions

Here are presentation file and demo files of my session at NCDevCon, titled ‘Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions’.

Demo extensions are in the zip file. If you want to try out these demos, unzip them under wwwroot and import these extensions in the ColdFusion Builder.

Each demo slide in the presentation also has name of the extension to run. The Extension8, to demo callback commands, reads commands from xml files in the folder Extension8/handlers/commands. You need to modify paths in these xml files as per your setup.

-Ram Kulkarni



NCDevCon-ColdFusion Builder Extensions

Presenting ‘ColdFusion Builder Extensions’ at NCDevCon

If you are attending NCDevCon this week end and want to know how to develop extensions for the ColdFusion Builder, then you may want to attend my session – I will presenting ‘Building ColdFusion Builder Extensions’ at NCDevCon on 18th, at 2:00 – 3:00 PM.

As you might know, you can use ColdFusion Builder Extensions to extend the functionality of ColdFusion Builder.

Here is the brief outline of the talk –

  • Introduction to ColdFusion Builder Extension
  • Where Extension can be useful
  • Developing Extensions
    • Extension Metadata
    • Installer Wizard
    • Project Contribution
    • Menu Contributions
    • Generating UI from extension handler
    • Extension as View
    • Contributing to Code Assist
    • Callback Commands
  • Using Extension Builder
  • Troubleshooting Tips

I will be presenting simple demos for most of the above topics.

The wait is over! Our baby bird has learnt to fly!

Finally… it’s Click->Buy ColdFusion Builder! And do I need to mention that we are super-excited? 🙂
Yes, the first ever version of ColdFusion Builder (CFB) has hit the online store! As most of you know, CFB is the first ever home grown IDE for ColdFusion(CF) development. It has always come up as the topmost feature/tool request from the community. CFB provides extensive IDE capabilities and makes CF development much more productive. I would like to congratulate all the stakeholders and to thank each and everyone who has helped make this product what it is today. I am sure it has been a very enriching journey for each one of us individually and as a team.
Just want to call out that we have made some major freeze, performance and startup time related fixes since the last available public beta version.
Here are some handy resource pointers:
ColdFusion Builder release notes:
Getting started with various tasks in ColdFusion Builder:
Getting started tutorials and videos:
ColdFusion Builder documentation:
We would also like to tell you that CFB can henceforth be updated via Help -> Adobe ColdFusion Builder Updates. This will look for any available updates and install the same. Any major fixes will be made available via updates, which means you would have them faster without having to wait for a major version release.

Example on content assist w.r.t Application.cfc

Here’s an example on how scoped variables declared in onApplicationStart method will be available in content assist. Note the scoped variables set in Application.cfc (Application.obj1/obj2/obj4/obj7/qVar/Counter1 in this example) and try getting content assist on them in any file in the application (as shown in test.cfm in this example). Another thing to note here is the various types of CFC variables created. Yes, we have tried to cover some such common variable assignment scenarios. Do try them out and let us know if they work as desired.
— Application.cfc —
<cfset = “TestApplication”>
<cfset This.Sessionmanagement=true>
<cfset This.Sessiontimeout=”#createtimespan(0,0,10,0)#”>
<cfset This.applicationtimeout=”#createtimespan(5,0,0,0)#”>
<cffunction name=”onApplicationStart”>
<cfset Application.obj7 = new component_testing.cfcomponent.component_01()>
<cfset cfcNames.firstName = “component_testing.cfcomponent.component_01”>
<cfset Application.obj1 = createObject(“component”, cfcNames.firstName)>
cfcNameVar = “component_testing.cfcomponent.component_02”;
Application.obj2 = createobject(“component”, #cfcNamevar#);
foo = createObject(“component”, “com.adobe.coldfusion.mail”);
Application.obj4 = foo;
<cfquery name=”testDB” dataSource=”cfdocexamples” maxrows=”2″>
SELECT Emp_ID FROM employee
<cfset Application.qVar = “testDB”>
<cfcatch type=”database”>
<cfdump var=”#cfcatch#”>
<cflog file=”#This.Name#” type=”Information” text=”Application Started”>
— test.cfm —
<cfset Application.availableResources>
<cfset Application.counter1>
<cfset Application.qVar>
<cfset Application.obj1.method_01()>
<cfset Application.obj2.method_11()>
<cfset Application.obj4.addParam()>
<cfset Application.obj7.method_02()>