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ColdFusion Search Vs Eclipse Search

ColdFusion Builder search complements the search capability of eclipse and also includes search capabilities which you did not find in eclipse search. Below table provides comparison between details of options, scopes, feature  ColdFusion search and Eclipse search.



ColdFusion Builder Search

Eclipse Find/Search

Current Document



Open Documents Yes
Projects Any Project selected from the list Only in enclosing projects
Workingset Yes Yes
Workspace Yes Yes
Local Directory Yes
FTP Directory Yes
RDS Directory Yes
Multi-Line Search Yes
Selected Lines Yes Yes
Selected Resource Yes Yes
Match case Yes Yes
Match whole word Yes Yes
Search backward Yes Yes
Search Incremental Yes Yes
Use reg-ex Yes Yes
Ignore whitespace Yes
Wrap search Yes Yes
Other Features
Tag search :- Simply search for tag, or look for tag having some attribute or containing some text.. so on.. 

Perform operations on matching tag like adding/removing attribute, setting content before/after tag, remove / replace tag etc






Code preview while replace all on workspace files. Yes
Showing search result Shows the search result in package view and each nodes are arranged in logical manner with matches at each level. 

Ex: Folder-> Sub Folder 1, Sub Folder2

Shows the result in order it finds. No grouping of search results.
Context search ColdFusion search understands all the contexts in coldfusion perspective. 

For example :- From File Browser when browsing through remote FTP files. Opening the search dialog keeping selection in File browser opens dialog with connection detail, location filled in.

Works only with current file and selection in navigator


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