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Attribute compression in cfhttp

A new attribute compression was added in ColdFusion 9. This is an optional attribute. The only supported value is none.
compression=”none” informs the target webserver to disable compression for the response.

Usage Scenario: Target website uses Microsoft IIS with HTTP compression enabled. Connection fails when you use the tag cfhttp to perform GET or POST operations on the target website. 


To resolve this issue, use the attribute compression.





IIS 6/IIS 7 for ColdFusion 9: Increasing the Number of Worker Threads

While using IIS6 for ColdFusion 9 (or ColdFusion 9.0.1), owing to heavy load, if you encounter performance issues, you may increase the number of worker threads.

  1. Go to the directory cf_root\runtime\lib\wsconfig\1.
    Note: In multiserver scenarios, the location is  jrun_root/lib/wsconfig/1. 1 indicates a single IIS website. If you have configured multiple IIS websites, the number can change accordingly.
  2. Open the file jrun_iis6_wildcard.ini (jrun_iis7_wildcard.ini if you use IIS 7).
  3. Uncomment maxworkerthreads=25.
    Note: By default, maxworkerthreads is commented.
  4. Change the value to 50 (maxworkerthreads=50) from the default value of 25.
  5. Restart IIS 6/IIS 7.

Note: The Maximum number of Simultaneous Template requests (Admin > Server Settings > Request Tunings > Request Limits) must also be increased accordingly.