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Using the attribute type with Solr collections

When you use the tag cfsearch to search Solr collection, the optional attribute type lets you specify the request handlers.

ColdFusion supports the following two request handlers by default.

  • standard: The default request handler.
  • dismax: Useful to process simple user-entered phrases and search for individual words across several fields



    name = “mySearch”

    collection = “myCollection”

    criteria = “film”



    maxrows = “100”>

<cfdump var = “#mySearch#>

Specifying custom request handlers

In addition to standard and dismax, you can specify custom request handlers. To do this, specify the details in the solrconfig.xml available at either of the following location:

·         <Collection Directory>/conf

·         <Solr Home>/multicore/template/conf

For details of configuration, see the documentation at the following URL: