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JavaScript Puzzlers @ VanJS

At Adobe MAX this year, I presented the first in a series of presentations that I call “Puzzlers“. Inspired by Joshua Bloch’s Java Puzzlers, my talk presented some peculiar, and sometimes seemingly wrong, behavior in the JavaScript programming language, all demonstrated through the use of clever puzzles! Anyways, the talk had some great feedback, and started some fantastic discussions, and so I thought I should keep going. I most recently finished presenting a variation of this talk to the fine folks at the Vancouver JavaScript Developer Group, VanJS. Below is the video…

Thanks to the awesome folks at VanJS for having me!


JavaScript Puzzlers – Puzzles That Make You Think (presented at Adobe MAX 2013)

I’ve just recently returned from Adobe MAX 2013, Adobe’s annual “Creativity Conference”.  I had the opportunity to host a session this year.  I ended up doing a presentation called “JavaScript Puzzlers”.  In short, my presentation presents the audience with short, code-based “puzzles” which the audience then has to solve.  The puzzles themselves are quite simple, anywhere from 2 to 20 lines of code.  The answers, however, more often than not, can be quite surprising.  Well, the video from the presentation has finally gone online and so here it is…

I’ve also made the full set of slides available here…

We had a great turnout, and some fantastic discussions!  Thanks to everyone who was able to attend!  I had a blast!




Happy Holidays from Adobe!

Every year, Adobe helps us celebrate the holiday season by giving us a fun and interactive way to share the spirit!

This year is no different!  We often have a theme for each year, and I happen to love this years theme – turning inspiration into action.  We’re asking you to share what it is in your life that inspires you, and in return, we’ll donate $1 per response to Mercy Corps with the goal of donating $25,000!

Adobe Holiday Card 2010

So, share the inspiration and share the love!

If you’re on Twitter, please tweet:
• What inspires you? Share with us and we will donate $1 to @MercyCorps. Happy Holidays from @Adobe!

If you’re on Facebook, please share:
• What inspires you this holiday season? Share your thoughts with us and we’ll help turn inspiration into action by donating $1 to Mercy Corps. Happy Holidays from Adobe!

Happy Holidays!

*I love this time of year :D