Godard’s Masterful Trailer

Let Godard’s masterful trailer be your inspiration this week.

I love the voiceover he adds. If you’re up for a challenge, try adding commentary to your videos to enhance them in some way.

Bike Messengers in NYC

This guy has ridden his bike for over 30 years around NYC. Beautiful story.

Sagmeister on Storytelling

How do you know if you’re a storyteller? Stefan Sagmeister breaks it down…

The Hitch-Hiking Robot

Finally, a safe way to hitchhike!


This video begins with a very simple idea for a new way to interact with the world. Then, the results were put on film.

Try to think of a similar way to make your daily routines a bit more fun, and then film them!

Navigating Stuckness

For anyone who is feeling uninspired, Jonathan’s essay is the place to go. It’s like seeing his life flash before your eyes.


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 1.37.03 PM



Scott Thrift (founder of m ssng p eces and maker of the present) made this story. I think it’s the best story on Cowbird and the best thing he’s ever made (there – I said it!)

It’s about love, over the internet.



How Ira Glass Hacks Life

For everyone interested in tools and process, check out this LifeHacker article about Ira Glass.

In it, he covers everything from how much he sleeps to how he compiles radio stories to how he reads his e-books. Enjoy!



Finally, New York speaks out!

Let the utilities talk! So glad someone has given them the chance for their voices to be heard…

Short Film Friday

This week, I wanted to share one of Etsy’s lovely profile pieces.

Checkout this one about Yokoo. I love how you barely see her face, until the very end.

Yet another great example of a profile using audio with images over. A very easy technique for beginners!!