Adobe Flash Player causes Mozilla Firefox freezing

Recently I received a customer’s complaint that adobe flash player causes Firefox freezing and sometimes crash. The symptom is that whatever website opened with Firefox, no matter whether there’s any flash content, the browser will freeze for 1-2 minutes and it happens every 3-5 minutes in intervals. And if you disabled flash player plugin, no freezing anymore and everything becomes fine.

We have tried reinstalling both Firefox and flash player, rolling back to previous versions and disabling flash player hardware acceleration, all cannot help. BTW, the display card is Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family. And the freezing only happens to Firefox, not to IE.

Finally, we found one solution for it which solved the problem. That is creating a brand new user account. When you switch to another user account, the stored local data was clear and Firefox can load add-ons successfully, so no more freezing.

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Ru Wan, QE Dev Intern in Flash Runtime Customer Experience China Team

Adobe flash player cannot be identified when I restart my computer

This is a weird thing.

I installed adobe flash player successfully on my computer and I can watch YouTube videos. Yet, every time when I turn off my computer, and use it again the next day or whenever I want to utilize it, I was asked to install the flash player again! It seems as if it has never been installed!

Fortunately, I got one workaround for it; at least it works for me.

Try to turn off User Account Control on Windows 7 and restart the computer. There’re detailed instructions about how to do this in below pages.

So you can give a try for this possible solution when you encounter such a problem.

Reference bug link:


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Ru Wan, QE Dev Intern in Flash Runtime Customer Experience China Team

Adobe Flash Player cannot work on IE 9 after installation or updates

Have you ever encountered such a problem that you are continuously promoted to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player when you try to watch a YouTube video even though you have already updated and reinstalled it a million of times?

Well, you are not cursed:). It’s just some simple settings in IE 9 that caused flash player disabled and created this crazy thing. Here are three possible solutions. Please check them out.

1. Firstly, Tool button -> Safety -> ActiveX Filtering, make sure it is unchecked.


2. If the above cannot help, check on this then: Tool button -> Manage add-ons, make sure the “Shockwave Flash Object” is enabled.”

Open the “Manage add-ons” dialog:

Make sure the Shockwave Flash Object is enabled:

3. If the problem persists, try to switch to another browser mode. Go to Tool button -> F12 developer tools -> Switch to other Browser Modes and verify the issue.

Try other browser modes and verify the issue:

If the Adobe flash player still cannot be identified after checked all above solutions, there might be some other reasons that lead to your problem. You can try to file a bug in Adobe Flash Player bug base and there are some professional engineers who are responding to customers’ problems.


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Ru Wan, QE Dev Intern in Flash Runtime Customer Experience China Team

Does your mobile device support Flash?


Flash在移动平台上面是基于ARMV7-A指令集进行编译的,这也决定了目前只有在支持这个指令集的芯片上才能正常运行。多数情况下,我们所看到的问题是用户的手持设备并不支持ARMV7-A指令集,比如CPU架构为ARM11, 只支持ARMv6。 那么如何确定自己的手机是自持ARMV7-A指令集的呢? 首先,多数情况下,像类似Android Market 这样的平台程序市场应该都能智能地判定移动终端的类型,从而决定是否推送Flash Player 给客户端,所以,这个问题并不会出现在所有用户上。同时,你还可以查询你的移动设备的硬件支持。比如,你可以查询 LG Optimus 手机关键字“”LG Optimus One Specifications”,, 可以判定处理器是 “600 MHz ARM 11 processor, Adreno 200 GPU, Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset”。 然后你可以去 查询不同版本的ARM 架构信息,从而可以看出ARM11 CPU并不支持ARMv7-A指令集。还可以搜寻 Qualcomm MSM7227, , 也只支持ARMv6指令集,并不支持Flash的运行。

目前,获得Adobe 官方Flash (Flash Player)支持认证的移动设备可参考


Flash Player and IE 9 ActiveX Filtering

最近收到很多关于IE9上Flash Player的安装问题。用户反映在浏览带有Flash的页面时提示需要升级Flash插件。但按照提示进入Adobe官网完成安装,刷新页面还是出现之前的升级提示。

这类问题的一个原因是和IE9的新功能ActiveX Filtering有关,如下图所示,如果启用了该功能,那么在浏览Flash页面时就好像没有安装Flash插件一样。

如果用户有心,是可以在地址栏里看到对应的蓝色提示图标的,如下图所示。点击它可以对当前站点进行ActiveX Filtering的设置。

AIR Windows installation issue

最近在AIR的官方论坛经常有用户抱怨AIR安装失败,在安装日志中显示类似1603/1612的MSI错误代码。对此比较有效的一个解决方案是使用Windows Installer Cleanup utility。虽然这个工具目前不再受微软官方支持了,但还是可以从民间下载到。具体的步骤参见论坛帖子:

需要注意的是,如果在Windows 7上安装该工具,需要将其设置为兼容WinXP SP3运行(右击安装程序,Properties -> Compatibility):


Improved FTE Embedded Text Quality in Flash Player 10.2 and AIR 2.6

自从在Flash Runtime中引入了Flash Text Engine(FTE),FTE中嵌入式文本就一直困扰于呈现时有锯齿和失真的问题。像B、E、F、H、P、R等字符的显示失真是比较典型的例子。在Flash Player 10.2和AIR 2.6中,嵌入式文本的整体质量得到了明显改善,集中体现在改善的显示失真、平滑度和清晰度上。需要注意的是后两者的改善仅限于SWF11及以上版本。由于API接口层并没有发生改变,应用开发者基本不需要更改代码就可以获得这些改进所带来的质量提升,所要更新的只是SWF的版本和应用描述符的名字空间。


下图是AIR 2.0中显示效果:

下图是AIR 2.6中显示效果:

对比红框中的字符可以发现,AIR 2.6中字符的显示失真得到了明显的改善。

下面的例子都运行在AIR 2.6上,但SWF的版本分别为10和11。可以发现SWF11的版本中嵌入式文本的平滑度和清晰度要更好一些。




Jian Zhang,Adobe Flash Runtime Customer Experience China team成员之一,技术爱好广泛,喜欢把玩各种编程语言,现着迷于Flash Mobile的学习和应用。


AIR 2.7 Beta 1 和 Flash Player 10.3 Beta 2 发布了



Adobe AIR 2.6 SDK 正式发布

这次主要大的变化是针对 iOS 的改进支持,详情请见 Adobe AIR Team 的官方博文

AIR 2.6 的新特性

AIR 2.6 针对 iOS 的新特性 (视频)

AIR 2.6 应用开发者发行说明



AIR 2.6 Runtime