Cocomo – A Wet and Miserable Presentation

So, a random San Francisco rainstorm this morning soaked me to the bone on my 15 minute walk in from work. Of course, as luck would have it, I was scheduled to do a Connect Webinar on Cocomo the minute I got into the office. So, coffee clutched in hand, shivering, with soaking shoes and pants, I ended up giving a one hour, reasonably in depth lecture on the principles of what we’re doing here, including a bunch of highly-coveted code samples. Since some crazy guy at Adobe made all Connect Meetings recordable (and wouldn’t it be great if you could record and play back this sort of stuff inside your own apps?), the presentation is now online for all to mock me :

Wet And Miserable Cocomo Presentation

(BTW, am I the only one who gets shivers when they see the old Breeze logo? Yeah, I’m prolly feverish).

4 Responses to Cocomo – A Wet and Miserable Presentation

  1. Leif Wells says:

    Thank goodness you had that coffee!Great session, btw. Even more info than your MAX presentation!The only thing missing was me sitting on the front row bugging you with questions… but I guess since I couldn’t be at your desk, an annoying rain shower is a good replacement. 😉

  2. Ken Wilson says:

    Excellent presentation today even if you were soaked. That coffee sounded mighty soothing with every sip. :)Ken

  3. Marybeth Koon says:

    HI Nigel!I’ve been enjoying your posts regarding CoCoMo and Connect. I’m seeing how they are sort of separate but also ‘connected’. Some colleagues and I went to Adobe Max. Related to CoCoMo and Connect, we currently host our own Connect server. We are Connect Professional users. I am just trying to understand the distinction between what may be in store for Connect Pro versus what is in store for Connect Standard. Is the plan to make CoCoMo available for Connect Pro users? And, some of the feature changes you’ve shown …would these apply to us Connect Pro users? After reviewing your recording, I wasnt’ quite sure. Just wondering…we’d be excited to see these types of changes with Connect Pro and to also particpate in any betas coming down the pike! When you mentioned not having any phone bridge capability at the moment but are interested, I was wondering about how that differs from Premiere Global, which is the integrated phone service we can use with our licensed version of Connect. Just trying to make sense of it all 🙂 Thanks, much. MBK

  4. Will Pollard says:

    I get the impression there is not much integration intended with PDF and Acrobat as known before Connect. So saving as PDF, swapping comments from a PDF or anything like that. So CoCoMo could work just as well outside Acrobat and has no required connection with PDF?