Testing – The First Public Cocomo App

I decided to have a little fun this Friday afternoon, and throw out a little Cocomo App for public use. Thought it might be cool to get something out there to show that this is for realz…

Yeah, it’s crazy-buggy, and it’s not the prettiest it could be, but I didn’t have time to make a decent stylesheet. Also of note is the fact that everyone on this alpha box is Swedish. No, I don’t know why either, ask Peldi. Sorry about the screwed up blog formatting – hit permalink to see the full thing properly.

… In case you were curious, here’s a snapshot of THE CODE FOR THE ENTIRE APP ….


5 Responses to Testing – The First Public Cocomo App

  1. Aaron Leavitt says:

    Very nice little demo. Lots of functionality for not much code. Any details on if subscriptions are going to be set up as they are now? Probably not the sort of info available at this stage.

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  3. I’m more curious how you got an HBox to stack two items on top of each other. 🙂 lol.This is a great example (code-wise) of how great of a move I think you guys are making by allow us, developers, to do more with Connect. Great work!

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