BRIO Review and Cocomo Stats

So, we’ve just shipped BRIO beta, and I wish I could say we’ve taken some time to relax; but we haven’t. One of the great/horrible things about Hosted Services is that as bugs come in, we can fix them right away and redeploy… So keep the bug reports / suggestion coming, and we’ll keep plugging away.

We did take time to read through the reviews out there, of course. We’ve always kept our eye on Robin Good‘s input, as he’s got as much experience analyzing and reviewing Collaborative apps as anyone out there. Check out his very detailed review :

Robin Good BRIO beta review

One thing that caught my eye (besides “There is no other competitor in this marketplace that offers this much for this little”, or “Brio is a breakthrough web conferencing solution“) is his call-out of the whiteboard functionality. I’d love to hear more of his thoughts on this, and would suggest he apply for a Cocomo private beta account – the whiteboard is built for extensibility, so that any Flex developer should be able to make new tools for it. I would love for someone motivated to add tools to join up 🙂

Second item for today : Peldi took some time to go through the BRIO source code and come up with a few statistics. The 2 things he was interested in :

1) How much of BRIO are we shipping as part of the reusable Cocomo Flex SDK?
2) How much of BRIO was built on the server, and how much on the client?

Check out this pair of graphs for the results :


I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised by just how far we’ve come. Consider that the server code in question will be the same services provided for every Cocomo app, and you get a sense of what we’re trying to do here – Apps on the client (built on our Cocomo Flex SDK), Services on the server.

4 Responses to BRIO Review and Cocomo Stats

  1. Nice work guys, very cool.I’m still not convinced though that Cocomo will bring more business than it will take away from people like myself. Anyone building eLearning based Flash/Flex apps right now is going up against the big boys (that’s you and Peldi ;-). And while I don’t know who Robin Good is I will take this guess: he’s not an Adobe developer.

  2. btw can I just say that I think that the Preferences panels in BRIO look really good. I don’t know what it is about them… very clean and to the point.

  3. nig says:

    Hi Stefan, thanks for the feedback. For my part, I’m not really sure how to assure you. I don’t think it’s fair to say *anyone* building eLearning Flex apps is going *against* us. I mean, if Cocomo is to succeed, and generate revenue, someone other than us has to use it and generate revenue with it, no? In other words, this has to work for developers in order to succeed at all.

  4. Hi,While giving access to CoCoMo, will developers able to brand their application as thier own? Also if develper’s clients want to host everything on their servers, would it be possible?Obviously, SDK won’t be free but if it charges are not have more margin than Acrobat Connect, developers and clients must worried about their own margine while they are selling products made on top of CoCoMo.