Bonne Année! : A Remote Controlled Cocomo Wiibot (!?), and Some Fantastic Tutorials

A quick post to recognize the crazy-amazing stuff we saw coming from France, specifically Monsieur Erick Ghaumez, this holiday season with Cocomo.

First up, umm.. a Lego Mindstorms Robot which uses a Wiimote and Cocomo to allow users to remote-control the robot across the Internets. Ummm… I have to say this was the least likely thing on my list of Cocomo use-cases, but I’m happy to be shocked!


Watch the video – Essentially, it starts with :

a) WiiMote talks to AIR App 1
b) AIR App 1 talks to Robot.

Then they kick it up to 11, and it’s :

a) WiiMote talks to AIR App 2 (somewhere else on the Internet)
b) AIR App 2 talks via Cocomo across the Internet to AIR App 1
c) AIR App 1 talks to Robot

Also cool is that the webcam feed in the Flash Apps is used to allow the remote-controller to see what he’s doing with the robot. There’s a big “Sound” button there, but I dunno what it does…=)


Secondly, pour tous les francophones in the audience, Erick wrote 3 of the best, most comprehensive Cocomo tutorials I’ve yet seen online (yeah, it’s been a month and a half since beta launch…), including a walkthrough of some of its core APIs, all hosted at Flashxpress. I know, the whole French thing might make it difficult for a few people to read.. Hopefully Erick and his team at La Fabrick feel generous enough to do a little translation for those less enlightened =)

Exciting times!

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