Cocomo MAX Sessions – Posted on AdobeTV – Source Included

Thanks to Ted, the mastermind/madman behind the idea, all our MAX sessions got recorded and are being posted to AdobeTV. As much as I hate the sound of my own voice, these recordings seemed to work pretty well =).

Real Time Collaboration Applications With Flex and Cocomo

Real Time.png

The intro piece – this will show you what Cocomo is all about, as well as how to get up and running with it. You’ll see code!

Cocomo Deep Dive : Building Social RIAs with Flex and Adobe Hosted Services

Deep Dive.png

To me, this is the more interesting preso – shows you a reasonably difficult app, and some tips and techniques to building it.

Source Code for the Deep Dive Apps


2 Responses to Cocomo MAX Sessions – Posted on AdobeTV – Source Included

  1. Elliot Chong says:

    An excellent and very informative primer on Cocomo, thank you for sharing!

  2. Nate Beck says:

    This is great! I sat in on the first session, but was unable to make it to the deep dive session (scheduling conflict). So I’m glad it’s posted now.Great work on this guys! I haven’t been this excited about RTC apps since I first picked up “Programming Flash Communication Server”.