Cocomo is now Adobe Flash Collaboration Service. Let’s Talk Roadmaps.

What’s in a name? When we first started, Cocomo (Common Collaboration Model) was the codename that we used internally, which also became our public identity. But, we also started to realize that it’s heavily overloaded; between the Beach Boys song, the Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO), and our personal favorite, the Cafe Cocomo — a salsa dance bar that is literally a mile from our office… it’s not a name we could really call our own.

As we get closer to offering the service commercially, we knew it was time to adopt a corporate name. We believe the Platform as a Service we’re making should be in the toolbox of any Flash/Flex developer, so we wanted “Flash” in the name. From there, it was a matter of describing what the offering is : Adobe Flash Collaboration Service.


Taking on a “real” name is the first in a series of steps toward commercial availability; there’s still lots to be done. We wanted to give a look at the AFCS roadmap for the upcoming months, with a rough chronological order:

  • Proposing the pricing model we’ve been working on
    Putting it out there, and taking feedback. We think we’ve got something that will work, but we want you to be the judge. We’ll be kicking off discussions around this in the next few weeks.
  • Expanding the availability of early commercial adoption
    We’ve been working with some “lighthouse” customers to validate the technology and the business plan. We’re going to open this up some more and let more people build commercial applications w/ AFCS, before it’s broadly available.
  • Working on server-to-server management APIs
    We know that developers want to be able to remote control more processes in their AFCS rooms. We’ve got some plans to allow “bots” in rooms, automate more tasks via HTTPS, and generally make it easier for developers to integrate their back-end business logic with our real-time sessions.
  • Building an eCommerce infrastructure for services
    How many developer services does Adobe currently sell? That’s right, none. We’re working with various teams inside Adobe to get the mechanics in place so that we can actually charge for usage of AFCS.
  • Taking a serious look at recording and playback of data and A/V streams
    We can’t promise that this will happen very soon, but it’s something we’re actively working on prototyping. Lots of interesting (hard) problems to solve before we can really offer this as a service.
  • Continual improvements in RAS (Reliability, Availability, and Scalability)
    Before we start charging, we want to keep ensuring we’ve got a rock solid backbone. So far, so good during beta, but we’re always working to make sure we can handle demand.

…all the while, we’ll continue to take feedback from our forums and add new functionality to the service. As you can imagine, schedules are notoriously hard to predict, but we’ll do our best to be open about our priorities and progress.

Thank you all for your help and continued support!

6 Responses to Cocomo is now Adobe Flash Collaboration Service. Let’s Talk Roadmaps.

  1. Jay Araujo says:

    I was actually browsing the site when you updated it about 15 minutes ago.I’ll take it as good vibes. ;-)G’luck guys.

  2. Any roadmap for integrating screen sharing in an AIR-hosted AFCS?

  3. Tiago Dias says:

    This are great news, thanks for the updates Nigel, as well thanks for the background information about the name “cocomo” :)Hope you guys continue doing such a great work

  4. Nice one, this is really starting to shape up. Can’t wait to hear more on the pricing front. I’m ready to give feedback.

  5. […] Adobe has renamed Cocomo to Adobe Flash Collaboration Service (AFCS?). This series of tutorials will continue under the new name, but I’m going to keep the titles on the old ones so google doesn’t get confused. […]

  6. Greg says:

    Looks very promising, i can’t wait !Especially the “Working on server-to-server management APIs”For example to send data to a webserver after a room session ended.Greg