Commercial Pricing is Now Available!

Wow — it’s been awhile, but the team has certainly been “running a mile a minute” as of late. But, we’re happy to know that we’ve finally reached the finish line. Today, we’d like to announce the commercial availability of the Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service — part of the Adobe Flash Platform Services family.

(Ok, for those who have been following us, you might have noticed a name change. More on that later, but Iet’s focus on the main news here.)

LCCS is available worldwide and can be purchased today with a payment card. For detailed information on our pay-per-use pricing model, please check out the Pricing FAQ.


With LCCS, developers can easily add real-time, multi-user collaboration and social capabilities into their rich Internet applications. Social games are a common example, but users are increasingly requiring similar real-time interactions in other applications, such as online customer service, e-learning, and more.

For more information about LCCS, including examples and videos, learn more on the Adobe Developer Connection and our forums. Getting started is free, so sign up and give it a try now!

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