ACP Appreciation

Everyone likes to be recognized for their accomplishments. Whether it is a promotion or a pat on the back.

Since I took on Manager of the Adobe Community Professionals, I wanted to find a way to show the world how awesome these individuals are.

I thought about hats, t-shirts, bags, etc. Then I thought about my Adobe Badge I wear every day and how proud I am of my accomplishments. So I ordered small magnetic metal pins with the ACP logo and shipped them along with some product stickers to each person. It was a small gift but I knew they would wear them proudly at their next conference, training session, or award event.

I received many emails full of Thank Yous, Twitter messages with Twitpics, and even a blog entry! I got the sweetest delivery today to my office in McLean, VA. The card said:

Thanks for All You Do For Our Team

– Have a Great Weekend With a Big Smile All Weekend.

I think I know who this is from but he didn’t enclose his name, so I’ll leave it out for now. But I’d like to say You’re Welcome and I will forever be proud of the ACPs. Please continue to help me build a great community and you will be seeing more from this program. Pins are just the beginning!

7 Responses to ACP Appreciation

  1. Big Mad Kev says:

    A great Surprise when I got home a few weeks ago (Ok no a surprise as I saw all the responses on Twitter) but hey still a great idea, and beats anything else in a while.

    Now how about laptop bags that fit 17″ MBP’s? > On going joke with Rachel:)

  2. Kajorn says:

    I put my badge at my presentation today.
    Thank you

  3. This was a wonderful surprise! Thanks for your great leadership and all you do for us!

  4. And you deserve more and more! Congratulations for your great job and thank you so much for all of your effort!

  5. Pariah Burke says:

    Thank you again so much for the thoughtful gifts, Liz. I, too, wear my ACP badge proudly.

  6. Love the badge. Thanks for thinking of us! 🙂

  7. David says:

    Wore my badge for first time (outside the house) last night at ID user group meeting and was proud to do so.
    Thank you.