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ACP Application Process for 2011

Right now the Adobe Community Professionals are completing their application to become an ACP in 2011. There are no guaranteed seating for past members. If you are interested in the program and you think you have what it takes, contact either a current ACP, Adobe Evangelist, or an Adobe Staff member. You must be recommended by one of these individuals first before filling out an application. We are looking for enthusiastic community leaders with a passion for Adobe Products.

Applications are Due December 17th, 2010



Q: What helps me get into the program?

A: We will be looking at the application results and looking for the top quality and breadth of contributors from 2010. As well as looking at their passion for technology, community, and commitment to our cause. “The Adobe Community Professionals’ mission is to facilitate high caliber peer-to-peer communication educating and improving the product skills and knowledge of Adobe customers worldwide.”  There isn’t a check list for how to get in.

Q: What is the acceptance process?

A: We will rate the results by number of contributions before our judging begins. The Adobe Evangelists and Adobe Product Managers will be helping the Adobe Community Team filter through the applications. We will send everyone an email in January with follow up information. ACPs will be announced publicly Early February.

DEVOXX – Day2 University Day (+ some BOF recordings)

Just a quick Update Post-DEVOXX.

Previous DEVOXX Day1 Blog Entry here:

Below is a collection of MP3’s while at the conference. BOFs are not normally recorded at DEVOXX, so I make no claims about the quality of the recordings…in other words — turn the volume to “11” to make the most of this content.

Devoxx Day2 – Android BOF

Here is an MP3 of:  Romain Guy and  Chet Haase at the 7pm Day 2 BOF (10MB file 50min) — Thank You to Romain and Chet for allowing me to record them and make this available to the public.

Day 1 – 8pm BOF “Meet the Adobe Guys” with Adobe Evangelist(s) Michael Chaize and James Ward.  (Note: I had some issues with the microphone gain settings so I tried to clean things up a bit in Adobe Soundbooth CS5 late Tuesday nite…should be ok)

Devoxx-Day1-BOF-MeetTheAdobeGuys-part1-intros (5.5MB file – 20min)
Devoxx-Day1-BOF-MeetTheAdobeGuys-part2 (6.5MB file- 20min)
Devoxx-Day1-BOF-MeetTheAdobeGuys-part3-StephanJanssen-FlashStageVideo (3.5MB file – last 3min)
(Devoxx co-founder with on his mind,  fires a tough question about Flash CPU usage at James Ward; AdobeMAX 2010 Sneak Peek talk discusses.)

Devoxx-Day3-BOF-Parleys (11.5 Mb; 45+min) (also working on a transcript of this, since it interests me; Stephan Janssen and his DEVOXX staff describe how the Parleys Publisher works on various devices, iphone, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt1-oracle (2.5 Mb; 6 min)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt2-antonio-stephanJ (4.65 Mb; 8min)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt3-bestdiscussion (7.7 Mb 15min)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt4-stephanJ (2.8 Mb 6min)

More info about StageVideo:
Adobe Sneak Peeks – Tinic Uro demo’s Stage Video (Tinic showed demos on both low powered Netbook and Macbook Air. On the Macbook Air he played HD video with a Flash overlay that was using only 7-8% of the cpu as it played.)

— Aaron Houston (Adobe Community Mgr)

DEVOXX – REDUX (RIAs, Mobile, and a Community-Revisited)

A Java Community Conference

This week I am on the road to Antwerp, Belgium. There is a very popular Java Developer Conference here every year in November run by the Belgian Java User GroupAdobe is a Premium sponsor again this year; and, it is my pleasure to be able to return to this very cool community driven conference.  Adobe has a long history of developer outreach to the Java developer community.  This is my 4th Year at the DEVOXX conference it is wonderful to be attending and representing Adobe this year.

DEVOXX Adobe Sessions:

Google Android Sessions (Chet Haase and/or Romain Guy):

Day 1:

We got things started with a DEVOXX University session delivered by Adobe Evangelist(s) Michael Chaize and James Ward. The University session focused on Rich Internet Application and Enterprise Integration with Java earlier in the day. Some of the announcements and demos of key software releases to the Adobe Flash Platform and AIR 2.5 were displayed on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab – Tablet community. There has been a whole slew of new devices and runtimes that were announced at AdobeMAX 2 weeks ago, so the Adobe Evangelists were busy fielding questions of what the RIA space looks like with the new partners from RIM-BlackBerry; Motorola Droid2, Samsung AIR for TV, and GoogleTV. There are plenty of opportunities in this new space for developers to innovate.

In the evening, I was able to attend a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) session with Michael Chaize and James Ward. There were about 25 or so developers in the room who had some follow-up questions from the days earlier session. There is a recording of this session which will be mastered and placed in the blog entry later.  We had some great questions ranging from:  the potential of RIAs and multi-screen applications on tablets/and for TV, Garbage Collection, Adobe’s support for HTML5 tooling, and the future of mobile applications (again, more once I get the MP3 uploaded)

{MP3 of Monday Nite BOF to appear here}

Dinner w/James Ward and some Java Guys

After the meeting, James Ward shared one of his favorite taverns in Antwerp (Pelgrom Brew House & Museum) — A great restaurant and Brew hall whose ambiance is straight out of the Middle Ages. It is downstairs in a labyrinth of brick corridors and rooms. Leave it to James Ward to come up with cool place for food and drink.  AND, there were a bunch of developer geeks there too.  It always amazes me who comes to these dinners James organizes.  The brain-power at these things is staggering — A intriguing cabal of Uber Geeks! So, a special shout-out to those who came to dinner: Bill Venners (Artima Developer/Scala in Action; Jonas Jacobi (Founder Kaazing, HTML 5, Comet, WebSockets speaker); Chet Haase (Google/Android, Flex4Fun), Romain Guy (Curious Creature blog + noted photographer) ;  Ben Galbraith (Co-Founder Ajaxian, Benzilla Blog); Dion Almaer (Co-Founder Ajaxian, currently @Palm w/BenG, but moving); The JavaPosse: Dick Wall, Carl Quinn, & Joe Nuxoll (he’s a big fan of photography…must introduce Romain & Joe to Lightroom3); Kito Mann (JSF), and an ole JUG leader friend from London Peter Pilgrim (JavaFX, formerly of London JavaWUG + now thinking of new projects). Again, what a great group of folks and a fantastic venue. James Ward certainly has an affinity for fine Belgian beer + great conversation.

Couple of References to my many conversations with attendees @DEVOXX today:

More to come Day 2 as I experience it…

A “MAX” Experience @AdobeMAX 2010

It was great to be part of the Adobe Community Team at my first AdobeMAX conference.  My first event with both developers and designers in a whole new community eco-system since coming over to Adobe from Sun Microsystems (6) months ago.  The communities are surprisingly very similar.  Adobe puts a lot of energy and resources into to its communities — We “Luv” Our User Group Managers (UGMs) and Adobe Community Professionals (ACPs). They just make it “all work” out there in the community.  But WHY? Why bother with communities, anyway?  Simply, when Adobe leverages its “Communities”, it helps the product teams expand their marketing reach for major product milestones beyond traditional methods and it can be done in a proven economical way.

So, Adobe’s Community Team put forth an extra effort this year by providing:

  1. UGMs and ACPs priority seating upfront at the MAX keynotes & awards/sneaks; they got a priority seating (Green) lanyard if they attended the Community Summit.
  2. “Community Driven” sessions for the UGMs at their very own Community Summit
  3. Access to the evangelists and product managers in a panel session… anything goes… most questions were answered. (some were NDA)
  4. A “Community Social” held at the Lucky Strike bowling alley + a special conference “community” gift
  5. A place to call “Home” during the conference — The Community Lounge (which was absolutely beautifully done, best I’ve ever seen)

I’d like to share some thoughts, sounds, and images in a sort of a “MAX timeline” — Lots of stuff here in this blog post, so be sure to check out all the links and images… you might find some surprises!

Adobe Community Team Arrives in LA (Sat Oct 23rd, 2010):

The Adobe “Community Team” started arriving on Saturday, a day early, to prepare the Community Lounge and Community Summit room for our special guests. Everything was super organized by Liz Frederick and her handy-dandy “Run-Sheet” which was a huge help for the team to know where to be and what to do for MAX. Our group Admin Tammy Leamons also came along to help us out at MAX.  Tammy helped the team manage the community summit registration desk.  Many of the UGMs got to meet Tammy at the Summit which is important, because Tammy is the person who fulfills the raffle prize serial keys as part of the Adobe Groups Program benefits.  I was presented with a special “NDA” T-shirt — I was told that there was “a story” behind the “NDA” thing from Ed Sullivan, so I guess I get the shirt & the moniker now.  After stowing the Community leader backpacks and “Adobe Air Is Everywhere” T-shirts, I had a chance to check out the Community Lounge in the Pavilion. One of the most beautiful lounges, I have ever seen at a corporate event. The RIA Radio booth was looking very sharp with the high-back circular seating arrangement; The Team just couldn’t wait to see our community folks check out this lounge!

Community Summit (Sun Oct 24th, 2010):

Morning came EARLY to some on the community team.  We got off to a few nervous jitters before the summit started, but once we got the technical difficulties solved with audio-visual stuff + started the introductions, it was “smooth sailing“.  This year’s summit had over 200 attendees which was quite impressive to me coming from similar program outside of Adobe.  Summit schedule was chock full of presentations, product & program updates, panel sessions, community-led sessions, and a special visit from the RIM BlackBerry folks. RIM spoke about their developer programs, outlined their plans for the Playbook, and an invited Flash/Flex developers to start innovating with apps on the Playbook.  RIM folks also invited the User Group Managers & ACPs to a private function later that evening.  My afternoon session, after the RIM announcement, was entitled “How to Pimp Your Adobe Groups Page” — Slides here. My “How to” session was well received and many thanks to Ray Camden who filled in some of the technical details.  Again, here is the place to report Adobe Groups Bugs. We will do our best to answer, log, and get Ray to fix the bugs. AND many thanks to RayC and Radley Marx (SilvaFUG) on their presentation(s) earlier in the day. Radley showed off the new look and feel of the Adobe Groups site.  See the new Adobe Groups 3.0 look & feel: here, here, and here.  Radley & Ray pointed out, that when the changes do take place that we will have a staging server on the amazon cloud for UGMs to look at the group pages, BEFORE we migrate to the new CSS.  There are MP3 recordings of the summit keynote & sessions below (by no means mean’t to be professional).  I will be dropping presentations I get from MAX here.  After a busy day of sessions, it was time to party. This year’s Community Party was held at the Lucky Strike with Open Bar + Tasty Snacks + entrees.  A good time was had by ALL… Again, the party was first-class… all the way!  I stayed pretty late @ The Lucky Strike and pretty much lost my voice at the end.

MP3 recordings of the Community Summit:

Afternoon Community Presentations (slides only)

Day 1 + Keynote (Mon Oct 25th, 2010):

Day 1 keynote was pretty exciting. Those who had the green lanyard with their attendee conference badge was able to enter the Nokia Pavilion through the side entrance which was really nice, right up front at the keynote.  The big announcement was the AIR 2.5 release.  Lots of the developers in the audience were pretty keen on this.  I really liked the potential of the Martha Living digital publishing demo: A time-lapsed image in Flash that played a video of a flower in bloom on a tablet.  RIM had some nice announcements; and. it was nice to see their CEO up on-stage with Adobe’s CTO Kevin Lynch.  Adobe AIR developers can start building their applications for BlackBerry PlayBook today and will be able to submit their AIR applications for BlackBerry PlayBook to BlackBerry App World™ later this year.  Of course, the big announcement came at the end of the keynote with the Motorola Droid2™ giveaway.  Steps for Using Your NEW Droid2 here.  Lots of the Community Leaders after the keynote were “jazzed” about that.  Lastly, while nothing compares to seeing the MAX stage and the audience in person — One can watch the keynotes online.

Adobe Community Team opens up the Community Lounge
& Robots! were the giveaways this year; and, they were both huge hits.  I never seen so much activity over bunch a buttons.  (FYI — there were 15 different kinds of buttons for the collectors out there).  We also had the Adobe AIR is everywhere T-shirts, but we saved most of those for Day 2.  The RIA Radio guys seemed to really like their booth.  They also posted podcasts and photos.  The Community Team spent lots of time talking to User Group managers and ACPs.  I did a few 1:1 Adobe Groups sessions with a few folks.  Generally, people were quite pleased with the Community Lounge — couches and seats were almost always in use!  The Green Hornet Car on the Pavilion floor was cool!  A wonderful day!

Day 2 + Keynote (Tue Oct 26th, 2010):

The first day MAX keynote was great — demo — after demo — announcements, etc.  The second day keynote was a little bit more light-hearted and FUN!   The skits with the Adobe Evangelists were quite entertaining.  The PIMP my APP skit was perhaps my favorite, though folks outside the U.S. probably wouldn’t get the reference to the “Pimp my Ride” MTV show here in America.  But, now I’m going to remind Evangelist Duane Nickull of his “Pro-Cess-es” every time I see him.  Good job by the Adobe evangelists.  Ben Forta did a couple of interviews ala “Larry King Style” about HTML5 and Flash, particularly with John Resig from jQuery and others. Resig was there to announce jQuery Mobile integration into DreamWeaver.  I would expect Adobe to do more with jQuery in future and contributing to it. The video with the Flash and HTML5 muppets with Ben Forta was pretty entertaining as well, but also pointed out Adobe’s commitment to future HTML5 tooling and the complimentary nature of Flash and HTML.  Lastly, there was yet another attendee giveaway from Google — a Google TV box. Rachel Luxemburg talks about her “first impressions” with the Google TV.  After the keynote, it was back to the Community Lounge to meet more friends from the past and the present.

The Giveaways:

Much of the talk at this year’s conference was about the number of things the attendees got for attending this year’s MAX conference. Droid2’s, GoogleTV boxes were the main giveways.  The UGMs and ACPs got special conference gift(s) — the Community Leader’s backpack + the “Adobe AIR is Everywhere” T-shirt, (special thanks to Adobe AIR Program Mgr — Michael Hu).  And a few folks, who managed to get into the Adobe AIR for TV lab got a  Samsung set-top box to start developing AIR apps for TV.  I heard that over 150 of these boxes were given to selected to developers.  Hopefully, we’ll have more surprises from Adobe and its partners next year, but this was not a typical AdobeMAX from what I learned from fellow Adobe employees and UGMs who have attended past events. So, folks shouldn’t expect free phones or set top boxes next year.

Community Lounge|Venue|Pavilion

The Community Lounge this year was absolutely beautiful.  And unlike other conferences which put business partners right up front at the Pavilion entrance,  Adobe puts its community front and center.  The Community Lounge is the first thing an AdobeMAX attendee sees as they walk into the Pavilion — that’s pretty cool.   I did had one attendee who was looking for a sales engineer to buy something.  I and some of the User Group manager’s explained to her that AdobeMAX is a different kind of conference.  Sure, you can go to the Adobe online store to purchase Adobe’s software.  But, the MAX event is more geared towards our technology and what our community folks are doing to innovate with it on the web and mobile space.
There was also plenty of networking in the community corner. I talked to several User Group Managers about doing post-MAX events. Most were set up in the Community Lounge:

So the Community Lounge is an excellent place for UGMs to meet-up and network with potential speakers while at MAX and the Adobe Community team does its best to facilitate these community engagement.

Day 3 + MAX Bash/Awards (Wed Oct 27th, 2010)

Shatner:  The MAX awards had a special guest: William Shatner. And, Capt Kirk, got a standing ovation from the Adobe faithful as he took the stage to present the AdobeMAX awards. Was nice to see the awards and the product sneaks.  And the MAX Bash party was again first-rate, although, the human statue fountain was bit unnerving…but beautiful.

Are YOU smarter than an Evangelist? Well it was close!  There was a very spirited contest by some of the community members and Adobe Evangelists in the afternoon in the Community theater, EmCee’d by non-other than Ben Forta. Click on one of the above images to see a video take by one of our community members.

Meeting Mr. Sullivan — One of my personal highlights  @AdobeMAX was to meet Ed Sullivan.  Ed was the former Adobe Community Manager before Rachel Luxemburg took on the job a couple years back.  Anyways, Ed managed to find me in the Community Lounge before he headed out for his flight back home.  We talked; and, it became readily apparent why so many folks in the Adobe Community liked Ed.  I am glad he’s still on the “Adobe Team” running the Adobe Developer Connection (ADC) website.

Post-MAX session in Vegas

The MAX fun didn’t stop in LA! I was in Las Vegas shortly after AdobeMAX and met up with the local User Group Managers: Greg Hamer (OSMF UG); John Olson (Las Vegas AUG); Deb Havre (Las Vegas AUG); Krystal Hosmer (Vegas Photoshop & Print UG); Sergio Chavez (VegasWeb UG); Terence Carroll (VegasFlash UG); and Simrod Furman (UG member). We discussed some of the highlights and announcements of the Community Summit and AdobeMAX. My special thanks to Terence Carroll of Vegas Flash for picking me up at my hotel and driving me to Sushi Kaya — what a wonderful place. Who knew Vegas would have such great sushi!  My advice to any Adobe Evangelist, ACP, Community Champion/Speakers passing thru Vegas — Look these folks up. They will treat you right! They have great hospitality in Vegas!
Adobe Evangelist(s) in Vegas:  I missed Tom Krcha and Renaun Erickson who was presenting at VegasFlash the night I had to fly back to San Jose…. sorry guys next time.

Looking forward to AdobeMAX 2011 — User Group Mgrs — Hope to see you there!

AIR is EVERYWHERE Desktop Background

Download the ADOBE AIR is EVERYWHERE Desktop Background. All the cool kids are doing it! Can you find all the easter eggs?

Adobe MAX 2010 – The Aftermath

Every year we have a habit of saying, “Best MAX Ever!” but this year’s MAX was pretty special even for MAX.

And starting things off with our biggest Community Summit ever was even more special. We had 200 community members face-to-face for the first time (and even more than that at the community welcome reception that evening). User Group Managers and Adobe Community Professionals from all around the world met with us, other members of the Adobe product and evangelism teams, and most important with each other, for hours of talk on a range of topics.

Community Summit 2010

Somehow I managed to not take any photos of the community reception at Lucky Strike, but that event was even bigger, as community folks who’d been involved in other Day Zero activities joined the fun.

As Day 1 of MAX dawned, it was really special to see that the Summit got a nice highlight in the Keynote Pre-Show. If you missed this, watch the first 10 minutes of this video (and stay for the rest if you haven’t seen the keynote yet….):

And then the madness of MAX began in earnest. Each MAX is a crazy, chaotic time, full of conversations and reunions with friends and colleagues from all over the world. There’s never enough time to see all the people you wanted to see or do all the things you wanted to do. Although the format of MAX is the same very year, with 4,600 people attending, each person’s MAX experience is unique.

So rather than give my narrow view of what MAX 2010 was like, I’ll share a bunch of community links to give their impressions of this year’s MAX (and if I missed anyone please add your link in the comments!). These are in no particular order.


Jonathan Campos
Steve Rittler compared MAX 2010 to the 1939 World’s Fair
Jeffry Houser – The Flextras MAX Wrapup
Darren Osadchuk
Dustin Tauer’s MAX posts
Our friends at EffectiveUI were blogging away (thanks for the links, RJ!)
James Lockman’s wrapup
en Espanol, César Alexánder Frick Mijares
MAX Speaker David Hogue has two follow-on posts here and here
Demian Borba tried his hand at live-blogging
Brian Rinaldi works for Adobe now but his post has a good community focus so I’ll add it too 🙂
auf Deutsch, Constantin Ehrenstein
MAX first-time Adam Tuttle’s report
Chris Georgenes
Mark DuBois asks: Why MAX?
Max Dunn
Nick Kwiatkowski’s report
Matthew Keefe did one post per day at MAX
Tom Ortega thinks it’s a great time to be a developer
The inimitable Cold Fusion Jedi, Raymond Camden, has 6 different posts on MAX, all listed here.
and Rich Tretola did 5 MAX posts. Link to the final one is here and you can click backwards to see the rest.


RIA Radio: MAX Day 1 (and more to follow)
The Flex Show – Adobe MAX Interviews
Paul Cracknell’s MAX Video Diary

We also got a large number of thank-you noted from community members after MAX. It’s hard to put into words how grateful and humbled we are by seeing that feedback; it’s the fuel that helps us do what we do every day.

With permission of the author, I am sharing one of the notes, because it so perfectly captures what we hope everyone will experience as we plan MAX each year:

First of all, this was no doubt, the best MAX ever. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say that it was the best conference I’ve ever attended, period. Well, except maybe for my first Macworld back in the 90’s…

Secondly, while there were 4500 people at MAX, I have to say that being a member of the ACP team was really something.

I may be considered a rock star, but that’s usually in the greater setting of a design-centric universe. While Adobe is certainly trying to offer a value-add for creatives at MAX, the conference is predominantly focused on developer technologies. So I still have that feeling of an outsider looking in.

As a member of the ACP team, walking around with the Community Leader pin/magnet, and wearing the green lanyard, I not only felt on top of the world, I also quickly recognized other team members. And I felt like I belonged. And it was really nice. You know, kinda like… community 🙂

I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to meet with so many of the folks in this group — it was worth going even WITHOUT having walked away with a Droid2 phone and a Google TV 🙂

Thank YOU, Mordy. And to everyone who attended. We loved every second of it.

Now, about that 2011 MAX plan……