DEVOXX – Day2 University Day (+ some BOF recordings)

Just a quick Update Post-DEVOXX.

Previous DEVOXX Day1 Blog Entry here:

Below is a collection of MP3’s while at the conference. BOFs are not normally recorded at DEVOXX, so I make no claims about the quality of the recordings…in other words — turn the volume to “11” to make the most of this content.

Devoxx Day2 – Android BOF

Here is an MP3 of:  Romain Guy and  Chet Haase at the 7pm Day 2 BOF (10MB file 50min) — Thank You to Romain and Chet for allowing me to record them and make this available to the public.

Day 1 – 8pm BOF “Meet the Adobe Guys” with Adobe Evangelist(s) Michael Chaize and James Ward.  (Note: I had some issues with the microphone gain settings so I tried to clean things up a bit in Adobe Soundbooth CS5 late Tuesday nite…should be ok)

Devoxx-Day1-BOF-MeetTheAdobeGuys-part1-intros (5.5MB file – 20min)
Devoxx-Day1-BOF-MeetTheAdobeGuys-part2 (6.5MB file- 20min)
Devoxx-Day1-BOF-MeetTheAdobeGuys-part3-StephanJanssen-FlashStageVideo (3.5MB file – last 3min)
(Devoxx co-founder with on his mind,  fires a tough question about Flash CPU usage at James Ward; AdobeMAX 2010 Sneak Peek talk discusses.)

Devoxx-Day3-BOF-Parleys (11.5 Mb; 45+min) (also working on a transcript of this, since it interests me; Stephan Janssen and his DEVOXX staff describe how the Parleys Publisher works on various devices, iphone, Android, Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt1-oracle (2.5 Mb; 6 min)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt2-antonio-stephanJ (4.65 Mb; 8min)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt3-bestdiscussion (7.7 Mb 15min)
Devoxx-Day4-JUGBOF-pt4-stephanJ (2.8 Mb 6min)

More info about StageVideo:
Adobe Sneak Peeks – Tinic Uro demo’s Stage Video (Tinic showed demos on both low powered Netbook and Macbook Air. On the Macbook Air he played HD video with a Flash overlay that was using only 7-8% of the cpu as it played.)

— Aaron Houston (Adobe Community Mgr)

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