DEVOXX – REDUX (RIAs, Mobile, and a Community-Revisited)

A Java Community Conference

This week I am on the road to Antwerp, Belgium. There is a very popular Java Developer Conference here every year in November run by the Belgian Java User GroupAdobe is a Premium sponsor again this year; and, it is my pleasure to be able to return to this very cool community driven conference.  Adobe has a long history of developer outreach to the Java developer community.  This is my 4th Year at the DEVOXX conference it is wonderful to be attending and representing Adobe this year.

DEVOXX Adobe Sessions:

Google Android Sessions (Chet Haase and/or Romain Guy):

Day 1:

We got things started with a DEVOXX University session delivered by Adobe Evangelist(s) Michael Chaize and James Ward. The University session focused on Rich Internet Application and Enterprise Integration with Java earlier in the day. Some of the announcements and demos of key software releases to the Adobe Flash Platform and AIR 2.5 were displayed on the new Samsung Galaxy Tab – Tablet community. There has been a whole slew of new devices and runtimes that were announced at AdobeMAX 2 weeks ago, so the Adobe Evangelists were busy fielding questions of what the RIA space looks like with the new partners from RIM-BlackBerry; Motorola Droid2, Samsung AIR for TV, and GoogleTV. There are plenty of opportunities in this new space for developers to innovate.

In the evening, I was able to attend a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) session with Michael Chaize and James Ward. There were about 25 or so developers in the room who had some follow-up questions from the days earlier session. There is a recording of this session which will be mastered and placed in the blog entry later.  We had some great questions ranging from:  the potential of RIAs and multi-screen applications on tablets/and for TV, Garbage Collection, Adobe’s support for HTML5 tooling, and the future of mobile applications (again, more once I get the MP3 uploaded)

{MP3 of Monday Nite BOF to appear here}

Dinner w/James Ward and some Java Guys

After the meeting, James Ward shared one of his favorite taverns in Antwerp (Pelgrom Brew House & Museum) — A great restaurant and Brew hall whose ambiance is straight out of the Middle Ages. It is downstairs in a labyrinth of brick corridors and rooms. Leave it to James Ward to come up with cool place for food and drink.  AND, there were a bunch of developer geeks there too.  It always amazes me who comes to these dinners James organizes.  The brain-power at these things is staggering — A intriguing cabal of Uber Geeks! So, a special shout-out to those who came to dinner: Bill Venners (Artima Developer/Scala in Action; Jonas Jacobi (Founder Kaazing, HTML 5, Comet, WebSockets speaker); Chet Haase (Google/Android, Flex4Fun), Romain Guy (Curious Creature blog + noted photographer) ;  Ben Galbraith (Co-Founder Ajaxian, Benzilla Blog); Dion Almaer (Co-Founder Ajaxian, currently @Palm w/BenG, but moving); The JavaPosse: Dick Wall, Carl Quinn, & Joe Nuxoll (he’s a big fan of photography…must introduce Romain & Joe to Lightroom3); Kito Mann (JSF), and an ole JUG leader friend from London Peter Pilgrim (JavaFX, formerly of London JavaWUG + now thinking of new projects). Again, what a great group of folks and a fantastic venue. James Ward certainly has an affinity for fine Belgian beer + great conversation.

Couple of References to my many conversations with attendees @DEVOXX today:

More to come Day 2 as I experience it…

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  1. Great post Aaron !
    James and I will share our slides ASAP. I’ll send you the link.