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It Gets Better

Sadly none of the Community team was involved with the making of this video, but I’m proud to share it with all of you anyway.

Partners serving it up for the Adobe Developer Community

What is your favorite thing to eat?

When someone asks me that question, I immediately think of lobster. However, when given the choice, I don’t always order the lobster. After all, I love to try new things. It also makes sense to consider the cost, as well as what the chef is recommending.

When someone inquires about my choice of phone, I explain that I love my Droid X and will use it until it breaks or something I believe is better comes along.

When someone asks me about tablets, that’s a different story. What appears to be the “lobster of tablets” sometimes turns out to be the “imitation krab”, so I am not as quick to spend my hard earned cash. I want to make sure it satisfies both my technological and my personal appetite. Seems like I’m not the only one waiting for the chef’s recommendation.

When I asked the higher-ups at Adobe in November, “What would you like to see us do with community?” it inevitably became a conversation about devices. I heard about the Droid 2s and the Google TVs, and I couldn’t believe the love we were getting from our partners. Then… I was told that RIM was going to sponsor Adobe MAX and that my team should make sure the community knew what wonderful opportunities lay ahead.

It was like Surf ‘n Turf was on the menu! My thoughts were… Oh boy, here we go! The community is going to love this! … And, by the way, who is RIM? Oh… Blackberry… COOL! A tablet called the Playbook? You mean like in football?… Can I get one? … No? Not yet? Ok, I can be patient. My mind was racing. I knew the community would once again prove worthy of this opportunity, and I couldn’t wait to give it to them.  Flash has been given a bad rap in the public eye this year, but not anymore! Motorola was the first to embrace Flash, now RIM, a major device corporation, is banking on our Adobe Community. That’s major news. Yippy… so what happens next?

The RIM team made a special effort to attend the Adobe MAX Community Summit to talk about the Blackberry Playbook and start forming relationships with our community leaders.

They even threw a party that went beyond anything I had imagined in the weeks prior.

This got me thinking that developers were hungry!  Developers are hungry!  They don’t just want to try the lobster.  They want to get a taste of the lobster, the Filet Mignon, and the Crème Brule.

RIM then collaborated with Adobe to organize a post-Thanksgiving tour of the major cities, the purpose of which was to inform our developers and business partners about what to expect in the Playbook.  I was asked to join the “Meet the Playbook” tour, and I appreciated the opportunity. I wanted to see if developers were really going to commit themselves to creating applications for the App World. I knew the answer from day one of the event in NYC. Attendees didn’t just want information; they wanted to get started – now!!  Here was RIM showing them the possibilities, and I just felt an overwhelming sense of pride as I watched the developers in action.

Things are happening so fast. Smartphones, Tablets, TV boxes, etc. Adobe is working hard to keep up with demands, and developers are searching hard for resources and guidance. This is a huge effort from everyone to make this happen.

The challenge? Getting through the holidays. This is going to be the time to reflect on 2010 and find inspiration in 2011. Network beyond conferences and your social media friends. Find opportunities with creatives and entrepreneurs. Developers have the skills, the tools, and the resources to be successful in 2011. It isn’t just RIM and Motorola having confidence in our community. There is so much more to come, and we all need to be ready. Get those apps ready, because dinner is about to be served!

Big Kudos to Manu S Ananad, Chelsea Bialla (Incredibull), Renaun Erickson, Christian Cantrell, Rachel Luxemburg, and everyone else involved in the presentations, planning, and major community efforts. Thanks Vicky Ryder for helping with edits.