Adobe Community Champions Program Launch

The Community Team would like to announce the launch of the Adobe Community Champion Program worldwide!

Adobe Community Champions are the “megaphone” of the Adobe community, whose objective is to evangelize Adobe products beyond the existing circle of our Adobe ecosystem and helping connect people to the Adobe community.

ACCs are influencers who share information about Adobe products by reaching out to new community members both online and in real-time, connecting them with information and resources, and empowering them to become more active and engaged with Adobe and its community.

ACCs have been community ambassadors for Adobe in several parts of the world, engaging with community members in a number of different ways. We expect to see ACCs serving in a range of ways, from talking about Adobe at events or schools, to being involved in social media, and many more!

The program is equally important to Adobe as the ACP program. There’s more than one way to engage with the community, and now with two programs we can better support both ACPs and ACCs.


Q. When will the ACCs be announced?

A. Once our ACPs are announced, we will announce the ACCs soon after. We noticed that about 1/4 of our ACP applications deserved to be an ACC for their dedication.

Q. What is the main difference between an ACP and ACC?

A. ACPs are content creators. You will see them writing books, blogs, demos, and contributing to the Adobe Developer Center. ACCs generally use their voice to reach out to community on a more personal level. Both groups overlap a lot but we did not want to turn away leaders in our community who enjoy evangelizing but don’t necessarily have the time to write.

Q. How do I apply? And is acceptance just once a year?

A. Currently we are going through the ACP applications and plan to invite over 75 applicants to join the program. We will have an ongoing application open for nominations year round. You must be nominated by an ACP, ACC, or Adobe staff.

Q. Are the benefits pretty much the same as an ACP?

A. Yes. We have one difference that enables ACCs to reach out to community in a different way. More to come once we announce the ACC members. They will be under NDA and be included in the Community Summit event.

Q: Can I be a member of both programs?

A. No. However, it doesn’t prevent you from participating in community in any certain way. The program is there to offer support in your strongest area of community building.

Q: Is the ACC going to be open to community leaders from all regions?

A. Yes. We are welcoming all those who want to be Champions in their own country. We are here to recognize your efforts in the community and provide you with resources to amplify your message. This program was already implemented in our emerging markets to help build stronger communities. For example, here is a quote from a Community Champion in India, Nouman Naveed –

This program has given me new level of confidence to allow my existing knowledge to flourish.
I get a kind of satisfaction after making people to understand these technologies. Because when I was in search of guidance I was unable to get it and now other people have me. Sometimes it allows me to market myself and gain new business opportunities.”

25 Responses to Adobe Community Champions Program Launch

  1. This is great idea and looking to involve with this …
    Because we are already doing school events in Sri Lanka though “Adobe Sri Lanka User Group”.

  2. Happy to see inspiration quote of Naveed here.
    Really Naveed deserved it.
    He was the corporate trainer for ColdFusion and i learned at him 3yrs back.

    I too interested in becoming ACC. I moved Hyderabad 2months back. Please let me know events happening in Hyderabad.
    Raghuram Reddy Gottimukkula
    Adobe Certified ColdFusion Developer
    Hyderabad. India

  3. Prashant Patel says:

    Hey guyz how to participate in this program????

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  5. Kevin Garcia says:

    Hello, I do believe this is a fantastic idea, I dont know how much time is required from an individual, but if an Adobe Staff member were to nominate me, I would ‘cook up a storm’ =) Keep up all the great work!

  6. gene gagnon says:

    l love dreamweaver i spend all my time learning it and finding things i dind’t know they exist. il gives me the right to bring whatever comes to my mind and try to it. i want a be the best in dreamweaver and i’m putting all the time efforts and sacrifice that it takes.

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  10. Geoff Walker says:

    I am very happy with the new designation and am looking forward to be able to spread the Adobe word and share my Aedobe experience even further with new tools and opportunties. I hope we will be given the opportunity to have some input when we know what is in store for us.
    Thanks for being so thoughtful in creating the new team!!

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  12. I need to thank John for all the support and making all events successful. I honestly extend my thank to community team for adding my quotes as inspiration for existing and new ACCs.

    -Nouman Naveed


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  15. Nialls Blog says:

    Nice on Adobe, as one of the few ColdFusion Developers and Bloggers from N. Ireland it would be good to get involved!! Now where do I sign 😉

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  17. Leandro Reis says:

    What a nice way to recognize the global content contributors. Congratulations!

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  20. Mark Atchley says:

    This is brilliant. I’m not a content creator, but definitely an Adobe fan. I’ve run the SF IDUG for almost 8 years and I’ve been a contractor to Adobe, too. I teach InDesign at the local Adult Ed classes every quarter. And I’m co-founder of CS Magic- we have online webinars about Adobe products every Thursday. It may sound like it’s all about me, but it’s really all about Adobe. I would love to be an ACC.

  21. ACC is just purely fantastic! It is great to know that Adobe acknowledges evangelist whom are not writers but speakers. I am excited by the latest news and updates in 2011.

  22. David A Rogers says:

    Now Im all sorts of excited in that “one different way” 🙂
    Roll on Monday.

  23. Hello. I felt quite identified with the ACC description. Well, I’m the Product Manager for LiveCycle in an Adobe Solution Partner company. I’m part of the Sales team presenting and demoing LC Corporate Solutions at least three times a week, and I love it.
    How can I be part of this?
    Best regards,


  24. Steve Howard says:


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