CLS West 2011 – A Community Leader’s Cabal

CLS-West BlogAbout a year ago, I attended this conference of community leaders at insistence of Michael Van Riper (aka “the Serial Community Organizer“) whom I knew very well from the Java Community.  Little did I know, that I would be meeting my future boss (Rachel Luxemburg aka rlux on twitter) at the CLS-West conference.  So, after almost a year of going “full-throttle” helping Rachel & Adobe with their developer and “creatives” communities, I returned to check-out this year’s edition of CLS-West.

So, I wanted to re-visit this “mind-map” of Community Leaders that I created at the first CLS-West conference to see how the planets have aligned after the implosion of my former company: Sun Microsystems.  A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE.  It was interesting and inevitable that I would meet-up with some several former “Sun-ites” at CLS-West. (Check Out blog: “A Year After: the People“).  Short list of CLS-West Sun-ites: Pat Patterson, Deidre Straughan, Ray Gans, Yolande Poirier, Sonya Berry, & Janice Campbell.  PLUS, I got to meet some new folks working at PayPal, LiveFyre, Microsoft, & O’Reilly….and some of my ex-Java User Group & NEW Adobe User Group Mgrs were there as well.

So the old mind map is here… AND The New Map is below.  Looking at the map, I’ve noticed that more and more companies are seeing the value of having community managers or community programs.  The Map is not all-inclusive, indeed not all those listed were at the CLS-West conference.  It is just a representation of “Community Guys & Gals” that I know or work with….it’s good to know who’s doing what you’re doing.  Enjoy!

Here is what the Unconference Board looked like at CLS-West 2011

5 Responses to CLS West 2011 – A Community Leader’s Cabal

  1. Steve Howard says:

    Aaron, your second image does not show for me. Wondering if it broke … I’d like to be able to see the comparisson.

  2. Looking forward to our next summit, in Portland, in July!

  3. Really enjoyed this fantastic unconference! Congratulations on your new job! This community of community leaders rocks! Looking forward to the next one, in Portland this July.

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