RIM Playbook webinars for AUGs Feb 2011

These Events have concluded. We had (5) sessions with over 400 attendees.

Webinar Agenda:

– Overview
– API’s to build great apps
– Skinning with QNX UI Components
– BlackBerry App World (submitting apps & revenue generation)
– Q&A with RIM engineers

Webinar Slide Deck: http://bit.ly/augs-rim2011-slidedeck

We may ask other User Groups to have their members join the other meetings.

Dates and Times we Agreed upon with RIM:

1st Date:  Tues Feb 8th, 2011 start @5pm Pacific (GMT -8)

Rick Mason & Nick Kwiatkowski from Mid-Michigan ColdFusion User Group (CFUG) hosted the event. Thank You!
Excellent Session; Over 36 Community Ldrs & influencers attended;

Recording here: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/p81168275/

2nd Date: Wed Feb 9th  start @9am (GMT -8)Pacific /

Volker Kunz from the German e-Learning Group has agreed to host.  We had over 263 folks attend this webinar

Recorded Session: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/p80098634/

3rd Date: Thurs Feb 10th start @5pm US Pacific

Chris LONG from Dallas Flash User Group was the host; we had 45 people attend this session.
Recorded Session: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/p64744623/

4th Date  Wed Feb 23rd start @6pm US Pacific or (GMT-8)

Harald Koebler from Los Angeles Flash User Group will be hosting this Adobe Connect Session. We had 45 people attend
this webinar.

Recorded Session (Q & A only ~25min): http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/p76615689/

5th Date  Thurs Feb 24th “replay/makeup session” start @6pm Pacific or 0300am GMT / 8pm US Central / 9pm US East coast for NorCal Flash, Stateline, + Armenia + 2 AM Feb 26th for (UTC +12) 6:00am For Yerevan Armenia + (UTC +8) 10:00am Beijing China and Manila, Philippines; APAC

Steve Chin, Oswald Campenseto, and Justin Webb from FlashON Devices User Group were the hosts; we had
40 people attend this webinar.

Recorded Session: http://experts.adobeconnect.com/p45282486/

3 Responses to RIM Playbook webinars for AUGs Feb 2011

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  2. Mark DuBois says:

    Aaron – glad to help, but I will be holding the meeting in a classroom where there is no telephone. Planned to use the Connect session with speakers on computer. I am comfortable at running a Connect session. If no one else steps up, I suppose I could try using my cell phone?


    • Yes we do need some way to contact you if there are problems with the Connect session you are holding… if you feel more comfortable, you can give that number to me and not RIM, since I will be in the Connect room with you..