Liz’s New Position

The Community Team at Adobe is constantly evolving and 2011 is turning out to be a year of many changes. Adobe proposed to our team a new outreach program targeting PHP, JAVA, jQuery/HTML, and Android.

Starting July 11th, I have a new role as the Community Development Program Manager! I get to take what I’ve learned over the last 10 years in the developer community and organize a new effort to target communities outside the Adobe Ecosystem.

We are aggressively going out into the world to say joining our ecosystem is going to earn them incredible access to tools that make them successful and a network that is welcoming and supportive. I will be using the support of our community leaders to help building bridges into these communities.

I’ll be talking about my many activities and people I find and connect with along the way, so follow me @lizign on Twitter to follow my adventures!

Thanks for the support!

Liz Arroyave Frederick
Community Development Program Manager

6 Responses to Liz’s New Position

  1. Congratulations and much success Liz!

  2. Abdul Qabiz says:

    This is good initiative. Congratulations! Liz.

  3. Kevin Roche says:

    Congratulations Liz.

  4. Roger Austin says:

    Congratulations on the position. Are they going to announce who will be the community manager for ColdFusion or will you continue to support that too?

    • Rachel Luxemburg says:

      Roger, ColdFusion doesn’t have a dedicated Community Manager. We support the CF community as part of our regular programs.