Adobe Flex Tour Seattle 22Feb2012

I had the opportunity to attend the Adobe Flex Tour Stop at the Silver Cloud Inn in Seattle this week. Adobe Evangelism Manager Greg Wilson was co-presenting with Mike Labriola(ApacheFlex/Spoon) to over 40 attendees.We had several Adobe folks attending as well Evangelist Renaun Erickson(Las Vegas), Alex Harui (Adobe Flex SDK team Seattle), and Michelle Yaiser (Adobe, ApacheFlex.Over course there was pizza and drinks sponsored by Adobe.
Here are some of the MP3 recordings from this event:


After the presentations some of the Seattle Area Adobe User Group Managers and I headed across the street for a beer and some food to talk over how Adobe might help them expand their communities and plan larger meetings with the help of Adobe Camp funds.  — Aaron Houston Adobe Community Mgr

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