On the Road to CS6 Launch Parties – Denver

CS6 User Group events May-June 2012 (Denver)

While on my way to the Boston Design Camp, I had a stop over in Denver. I met up with Amanda Johnson and Joseph Labrecque from the Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group. It’s always time well spent while on the road… talking to the User Group Managers and discuss what’s going on with their communities and what’s going on inside Adobe. We covered a lot of ground over a beverage…that I ever could via an email or phone.

Joseph Labrecque, Aaron Houston (Adobe), & Amanda Johnson

From the visit, Amanda Johnson (RMAUG UGM) indicated that she’s planning a CS6 User Group meeting in June and wanted to know more about what support she could get from Adobe, so we talked about content, speakers, etc. More details to appear at http://www.rmaug.com

Adobe User Group CS6 Launch Parties: There have been over 90 submissions for CS6 Launch Parties, most of them were small events (less than 50 people). We will be supporting these groups with presentation assets and some swag to give away at their meetings which are forthcoming.  The larger more organized meetings will be receiving additional support.

This is my first leg for a West Coast CS6 User Group Launch tour + a few extra dates. More dates are being planned over the summer and into October (AdobeMAX).

West Coast User Group schedule:

May 9th for Denver User Group Mgr Visit

May 11th – Boston Design Camp CS6 Launch party Weekend

May 16th Kansas City for D2W conf + Kansas City CS6 AUG Mgrs meetup + launch meeting

May 17-18 – D2W Conference Kansas City MO Weekend

May 29th CS6 Camp San Francisco w/Mark Christiansen After Effects Demos

June 2nd – CS6 Camp San Diego

June 5th – CS6 Camp San Jose – w/ Al Mooney @ The Tech Museum IMAX theater June 6th- 8th San Jose

June 10th — CSNEXT Los Angeles, DDLA, DMALA + 4 other LA User Groups

June 14th CS6 Launch Party Las Vegas (w/Univ of Nevada LV) & Las Vegas AUG

June 16th CS6 Camp Long Beach w/ATX and OCMMA.org w/Jack Davis

July 1st Adobe Summer Break

More posts coming at the events listed above…


Aaron Houston

Adobe Community Mgr North America



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