Mobile Camp Los Angeles-18Oct2012

Mobile Camp Los Angeles convened on 18 Oct 2012 at LA Mart. Adobe Community team was a co-sponsor of this camp along with RIM BlackBerry Playbook folks, and Lunarpages. We had over 380+ paid registrants. Audience mainly consisted of: Entenpreneurs, hackers, coders, designers, i-Phone, Android Developers, and Adobe LA area User Groups. (We had more attendees viewing the live-stream)
Greg Wilson, Adobe’s Evangelism director, kicked-off the event keynote with a couple of questions:

  • How many people (raise hands) knew that Adobe was involved in web standards?
  • How many people know that Adobe is contributing to WebKit?

Response: Very few hands…which was exactly what we were looking for. Adobe is trying to build awareness around its contributions to WebKit and HTML5, so this is the type of audience we are doing outreach to. There’s a new website dedicated to showcase our contributions, use-cases, and the new html5 tools — Adobe is a tools company. So, for the 250 folks watching the Adobe keynote, Greg Wilson (Adobe Evangelism Director) focused on Adobe Edge Tools & Services (Animate, Reflow, Code, Inspect, Web Fonts, TypeKit, & PhoneGap Build) and CSS Shaders. This was same content from the “Create the Web” launch event which kicked-off on Sep 24th, 2012. Greg also did an additional deep dive session after the keynote; and, the overwhelming interest from the attendees was in the responsive design tool “Reflow” which is to be released by the end of 2012. (Those who signed up for the free Edge tools creative cloud account would get notified via Adobe Application Mgr + email when reflow would be available.  Greg’s slides are forthcoming.

Over 25 LA-area technical User Group communities came together to organize this huge effort; and, there was lots of learning along the way for the event planners (i.e. power outages, “musical chairs”, etc). Adobe’s local User Groups were heavily involved in the logistics, venue selection, setting up the day before, and the promotion of the event. My thanks to the volunteers and the event planners: ShaRon Sachse (HTML5-LA organizer & DDLA AUG Mgr) & George McKinney (LA PhoneGap User Group Mgr). Thanks to the sponsors like LunarPages and RIM BlackBerry Playbook team.  Without sponsorships, large events like mobile camp LA just don’t happen, there’s lots of logistics to consider. Lunch, Prizes, Speakers…Yep, lots to do! Thanks ShaRon & George!

 Photos from the Event:



 STATs for this Event:

Main registration Page:


107 FB likes; 143 tweets















Adobe Illustrator Los Angeles-AstuteGraphicsTour-9Oct12

In part of my ongoing quest to visit ALL of the Los Angeles area Adobe User Groups, I had the opportunity to attend the Adobe Illustrator User Group of LA (AILA) on October 9th (Facebook event URL) They have partnered with ING Direct Cafe to hold meetings at their location. ING cafe has nice digs and they are nice people. They regularly let folks use their cafe for community meetings.AILA Mgr Chana Messer met me at the door; and, there were some regular AILA & Adobe User Group members I have seen at other LA events: AILA-CoMgr Andrew Kutchera,  Sebastian Bleak, Andew Kanavagh, Cynthia Gordon (, Beverly Houwing, Sharon Sachse, and several other Adobe User Group Mgrs came out to this event.  Astute Graphics was on its final leg of its USA Tour, so once again Nicholas der Walle was presenting the new tool plugin tools Vector Scribe for Adobe Illustrator CS6. We had about 45 folks on hand to observe and take part of the presentation.Here are some photos from the event.

AILA members tune in to the Astute Graphics presentation

Astute Graphics Founder Nicholas van der Walle addresses the AILA audience

Nicholas van der Walle from AG discusses Phantasm Color Correction tool for Vectors using a piece of Von Glitschka (aka @Vonster on twitter) artwork: “Evil Worm”

AILA AUG Mgr – Chana Messer & Adobe Community Mgr Aaron Houston

 AILA is one of many Adobe User Groups in the Los Angeles area; and, they often coordinate with the other Adobe User Groups to hold joint events (ie the CSNext LA event).  My next stop in LA will be for LA PhoneGap and Digital Designers of LA’s  LA mobile event on Oct 18th, 2012.

Illustrator is NOT just for Illustrators Anymore! SF Bay ILUG


With all of the things going on at Adobe this fall (ie Acrobat XI launch, Create the Web & AdobeEdge tools, Creative Cloud, etc), it is prudent for a Community Manager to keep an eye out for other activities happening out in the community. I had not visited the SF Bay Area Illustrator Adobe User Group (aka SFILUG) in awhile and I got a tip from an Adobe Community Professional that the SF group was hosting something special at their Oct 4th meeting. The folks from Astute Graphics were stopping by and it looks like they have some interesting Toolbar Add-ins for CS6 Illustrator, so I thought I’d drop in and check it out.

Meeting — Preplanning, A Discussion, & Setup

Bay Area Illustrator Group meets at the Adobe SF offices, so I met up with Adobe User Group Manager, Teresa Roberts, in the lobby and helped her check-in folks. We briefly caught up on the User Group happenings; and the group is doing quite well, since the leadership change 2 years ago + securing an Adobe sponsor to help them with their meetings. Thanks Terry Hemphill (Adobe Illustrator Product Mgr).

Teresa stressed that she was looking to expand the membership of her user group and create an awareness that: “Illustrator is NOT just for Illustrators, anymore”. Lots of people use Illustrator these days: Marketing/Print folks, Web Designers, some Mobile App builders, Product Development, traditional art designers, and also… Cartographers? Teresa is always seeking innovative speakers from different disciplines to come speak at her User Group.  Indeed, Illustrator is one of those rare Adobe products that touches across a lot of Adobe’s creative communities. It is important to note that Teresa also has a co-manager: Terry McGlone who is a big help with the logistics at these meetings!

Happy San Francisco Bay ILUGer sporting the new “Ai” button


Attendees roll in: 

We had 44+ in attendance; 80+ RSVPs, typical for a free event…those other 40 really missed-out though!

First of the Attendees to sign-in: noted author Sharon Steuer!  Sharon has always been one of the Bay Area ILUG core members and she’s quite generous over the years to the User Group with her books. Thank You Sharon — her latest CS6 book. After catching up with Sharon, I moved over to the main room set up the Adobe swag table: stickers, t-shirts, buttons, pens etc. The new Illustrator buttons were a big hit!  Several SF Bay ILUGers were sporting their new buttons! Adobe Community Team showed off a couple of new T-shirts too!  There were also free pizza, a 12 mo Creative Cloud prize, CS6 Design Standard prize + T-shirts and swag from Adobe.

Astute Graphics:

I had a chance to chat briefly with the speaker for the evening, Nicholas van der Walle (AG founder & evangelist) before his talk. I quickly learned, judging by the accent, that AG is based out of the UK and San Francisco was the 2nd stop of their USA tour. Nick mentioned that he first likes to see what types of folks in attendance and then gage the types of techniques they are using; then show of those same techniques with Astute Graphics tools in the demo. In other words, it is less about showing off the tools and more about learning about WHO is coming to the event and HOW they use Illustrator. Good Approach!Bay Area ILUG is a quiet group as Nick found out, but he did manage to tease some info out of the audience. SFILUG consists of lots of designer/freelancers; not too many agencies folks/art directors…..and a Cartographer? Interesting.

Nick led off the discussion with a question:

Nicholas van der Walle from Astute Graphics

Nicholas van der Walle from Astute Graphics

How would YOU render this shape below? — The Saunder’s Leaf

The Bay Area ILUGers came up with ALL kinds of answers–lots of discussion….AND then “All was revealed” at the end. Nick showed how he did it with the new CS6 Vector-Scribe tool add-in to the Illustrator tool bar. Be sure to catch-up with Nick via the Astute Graphics Blog, Twitter, and Facebook page.

Astute Graphics also has a whole list of short 4min-15min tutorials about their different tool-sets…. Here is link to them and the image below links to one of the videos I liked–Path Scribe which looks very useful in rendering vectors from a sketch.


Video About Path Scribe Tool

 Thank You Nick! I will be seeing you again at the Adobe Illustrator Group of LA (AILA) next week. I promise I won’t spoil your “Saunder’s Surprise”


Lastly, Astute Graphics is a partner of Adobe, so I was not surprised to see Adobe folks in attendance at the meeting: Terry Hemphill (Project Mgr Illustrator), Brenda Sutherland (Adobe Customer Engagement), Anubhav Rotahgi (Sr. PM for Illustrator), and Rajesh Budhiraja (Sr engineering manager for Illustrator). At a time, when Adobe is remaking itself, it was nice to see that one of Adobe’s Product Teams is still very much connected/committed to their community. Of course there’s always more work to do in this area; and, it is a bigger problem to solve than most people realize.  Note to User Group Mgrs: It is important to cultivate your contacts within Adobe Product Teams as well as staying connected to the Adobe Community Team 😉

#LVAdobe Photoshop World 2012 Meetup/Tweetup 9-3-12




The Las Vegas Adobe User Group held a meetup/tweetup event on 3 Sep 2012 to kick-off the Photoshop World (PSW12) festivities. The event was totally and organically organized by the Adobe User Group community and Adobe Community Professionals flying-in to participate in PSW12. I was invited to come represent Adobe, chat with attendees, and of course, bring the prizes. We had CS6 Photoshop Extended (boxed software), Creative Cloud T-shirts, Adobe Touch App Shirts, buttons, and much more to raffle off to those folks who registered. (Congratulations to the Winners: Jeff Schumacher, Mike Reeves, Oscar Nonis, Peter Order, Mike Reeves, Terri Begas, Mike Kubeisy,& Rocky Montez-Carr)

There were no formal presentations… that is the beauty of a meetup/tweetup event. And “Rock-Star presenters” will just come hang-out and not feel as though they have to present anything, just chat about geeky Photoshop & Camera stuff over beer and snacks.  Refreshments & snacks were provided by Adobe and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). And, we had some special guests!

Special Guests: Adobe Evangelist Terry White, Colin Smith (PhotoshopCafe), Stephen Burns, Wayne Posner (Las Vegas Event/Concert photographer), Kevin Stohlmeyer (Adobe Community Professional) + a bunch of other cool folks stopped by.

All in all, we had 80+ attendees signed up. The room we had was a nice size, but not large enough to fit everybody.  We had a consistent crowd of about 60 folks (from 7pm-10pm) (This was our first time out with a tweetup/meetup, so we really didn’t know what to expect) The Staff at RiRa Irish Pub @MandalayBay were very accomodating and even turned on their PC + Projector, so we could display a “Tweet Wall”. A rep from Scott Kelby & Photoshop World, stopped by briefly, and expressed an interest in supporting a community event in Orlando in 2013. We’ll see how it goes? The event was A LOT of fun and folks were genuinely appreciative of Adobe’s support for the event. And I would definitely do another event at RiRa if an Adobe event was nearby.

— Aaron Houston

Adobe Community Mgr – North America

 Here are some photos from the event: 

#LVAdobe Meetup

Crowd Shot of #LVAdobe PSW12 Meetup/Tweetup Attendees

LQQK who I found at the #LVAdobe User Group Meetup/TweetUp Event 9.3.12 — Colin Smith!

Lots of Buttons for attendees!

Lots of Buttons for attendees!

Hanging Out @Adobe Table with Adobe User Group Managers @ #LVAdobe Photoshop World Meetup/Tweetup

Social Media StatsNate Ludens from Digital Royalty (and Las Vegas AUG co-mgr) shared some social media metrics with me after the event. In the preceding 18 hours before and during the event, we got 279 clicks on the twitter posts from folks arriving to Las Vegas for PSW12 and who stopped by RiRa Pub or retweeted. Something to build upon! (We’ll have more stats from the EventBrite registrations page, forthcoming)

Here are the Page views from EventBrite for this event:

Adobe is Ready to Party at CampusParty Berlin 2012

Campus Party is the largest electronic entertainment event in the world. With a week-long, 24-hours-a-day technology festival for  thousands of “campuseros” – hackers, developers, gamers and geeks. Equipped with computers and other toys, they camp on site and are immersed in a truly unique environment.

Adobe is proud to participates with several sessions at the conference:

This enormous event occurs 21-26 August but unfortunately, is now completely sold out. You can still follow all the action on Twitter using #CPEurope.

If you are lucky enough to attend, send us some photos!

Adobe Community Team @ Photoshop World User Group Event Sept 3rd @ RiRa Mandalay Bay

I will be attending this casual meetup (Pre-Photoshop World) at the RiRa Irish Pub inside Mandalay Bay Casino. Those that register on the eventbrite site should look me up for their raffle ticket. I will be drawing prizes at 9pm. Who knows what I will bring to this event? Get in! Also, at this event Adobe’s Bryan O’Neil Hughes and Terry White. Adobe Community Leaders Kevin Stohlmeyer @kstohl and Stephen Burns @chromeallusion will be there . Lots of hookups for Vegas creatives and Photoshop World attendees.

Event Page:

See You There

Aaron Houston
Adobe Community Mgr – No. America

Announcing UK Creative Week 9-13 July!

Adobe UK is proud to announce its first Creative Week, celebrating all things creative! Join us for lively interactive daily debates, creative challenges, and exclusive demonstrations broadcast live online over 5 days from our London studio.

We’ll be covering every aspect of the creative industry with the help of creative luminaries, industry experts, Adobe evangelists (including Jason Levine, Paul Trani, Rufus Deuchler and Julieanne Kost) and many members of the creative community – including you!

Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific theme, so you can tailor the content for your preferences.

  • Monday 9th July – Creative Industry Overview
  • Tuesday 10th July – Design & Publishing
  • Wednesday 11th July – Film & Video
  • Thursday 12th July – Web & Mobile
  • Friday 13th July – Photography & Imaging

Learn more about the programme for each day by visiting Adobe Creative Week.

Follow us on Twitter @AdobeUK and #CreativeWeekUK

CS6 Adobe User Group Launch Parties – Boston & Kansas City–May 2012


First leg of the CS6 Adobe User Group tour began in Boston with the Boston Design Camp.  Kirsten Rourke was the organizer of this event; we had been working on the organization of the event since February.  It was nice to see it all come together.  The event was cross-promoted among the local Adobe User Groups: Adobe Boston User Group (ABUG), Boston InDesign User Group, and Central MA Adobe User Group.  Boston is a tough and expensive place to hold an event, so hats-off to Kirsten Rourke for finding the Harvard Medical Center (Joseph P. Martin Conference Center) to host our event. We had a nice “roomie” theater with comfortable seating; and, a nice lobby area in which to set up the sponsor tables. Great Turnout: 200 attendees at this event and lots of interest at the Adobe table. We had the new Creative Cloud t-shirts and the 15% off Adobe User Group member discount cards for folks wishing to upgrade to CS6 after seeing all the cool content and features from our Adobe Community Professional (ACP) Speakers.  The previous evening we held a speakers and Boston User Group manager’s dinner at the Marriott hotel in Quincy MA.  Special thanks to the ACP and Adobe Freelancer speakers who came out to help me support this first-ever Adobe Design Camp in Boston.   The camp served a duel purpose, since organizer Kirsten Rourke was starting up a new Adobe User Group from this event: “Central MA Adobe User Group. She already has gained some new members from the Boston Design Camp event and has planned her first meeting.

Boston Design Camp Speaker Resources:

 Kevin Stohlmeyer (ACP)

 Chana Messer (ACP)

Chana’s Presentation

 Kirsten Rourke

 Pariah Burke (ACP)

Pariah’s Presentation

 Rick Zanotti

Rick’s Presentation

2012 - Boston Design Camp Speakers, Organizers, & Sponsors

D2W & Kansas City AUG CS6 Launch Event 16-18 May 2012

D2W 2012 is the 3rd installment of a very unique conference. It’s one of the few technical conferences that I know of that focuses on “Workflow” between developers and designers.  This year it was actually TWO events.  On the night of 16May12, the local Kansas City Adobe User Groups got together at the Berg event space for a nite of Lightening Demos from the D2W speakers.  Every speaker had 10 min to present (2) of their favorite features from the CS6 release.  There were rock star speakers that came out before D2W to do a warm-up event with the area local user groups: KCWebCore, KCDesignCore, KCDevCore, Adobe Digital Photography UG, and KCVideoCore. The AUG CS6 Party with the User Group 150 attendees and the D2W (main) event had 150 attendees for a total of 300 attendees for both events.  Special thanks to Buck Summerkamp and Dee Sadler for organizing the events.

Rock, Paper, Scissors — Software!

For D2W we decided to give away the CS6 Master Collection software in a different way.  The Inspiration from James Polanco who got the idea from Ben Forta (via Adobe event in Japan). We gave away #CS6 MC using Rock-Paper-Scissors game. See how it went here with this video:




A Big Hello to the Adobe Community!

My name is Christie Fidura, and I am the new Adobe EMEA Community Manager. I’m thrilled about my new role, and I wanted to introduce myself.

I joined Adobe in August 2009 as the EMEA Marketing Manager for two of our niche software products, the Technical Communication Suite and the eLearning Suite. In this capacity, I organised marketing activities, event sponsorship (around 32 conferences per year), advertisements and more. At the heart of all of these activities was my engagement, cultivation and nurturing of the wider communities of eLearning and documentation professionals across Europe. This was my real passion: making connections, sharing knowledge, and working closely with the people within the community.

I was thrilled when I was the successful applicant for the EMEA Community Manager vacancy and I am looking forward to working with each of you. At the same time, I’ll be ‘keeping a toe’ in the waters of eLearning and TechComm; it’s important that I maintain a connection with my previous communities and continue to learn from them whilst contributing to them.

My official start date was Tuesday 8th May so I’m working pretty hard on getting up to speed in the new role. Please bear with me!

In the meantime, you can reach out to me anytime. I’m a social media junkie so the best way to contact me is via Twitter: @cfidurauk. I’m based in the Adobe London office (Maidenhead) and proudly hold both US and UK citizenship.

On the Road to CS6 Launch Parties – Denver

CS6 User Group events May-June 2012 (Denver)

While on my way to the Boston Design Camp, I had a stop over in Denver. I met up with Amanda Johnson and Joseph Labrecque from the Rocky Mountain Adobe User Group. It’s always time well spent while on the road… talking to the User Group Managers and discuss what’s going on with their communities and what’s going on inside Adobe. We covered a lot of ground over a beverage…that I ever could via an email or phone.

Joseph Labrecque, Aaron Houston (Adobe), & Amanda Johnson

From the visit, Amanda Johnson (RMAUG UGM) indicated that she’s planning a CS6 User Group meeting in June and wanted to know more about what support she could get from Adobe, so we talked about content, speakers, etc. More details to appear at

Adobe User Group CS6 Launch Parties: There have been over 90 submissions for CS6 Launch Parties, most of them were small events (less than 50 people). We will be supporting these groups with presentation assets and some swag to give away at their meetings which are forthcoming.  The larger more organized meetings will be receiving additional support.

This is my first leg for a West Coast CS6 User Group Launch tour + a few extra dates. More dates are being planned over the summer and into October (AdobeMAX).

West Coast User Group schedule:

May 9th for Denver User Group Mgr Visit

May 11th – Boston Design Camp CS6 Launch party Weekend

May 16th Kansas City for D2W conf + Kansas City CS6 AUG Mgrs meetup + launch meeting

May 17-18 – D2W Conference Kansas City MO Weekend

May 29th CS6 Camp San Francisco w/Mark Christiansen After Effects Demos

June 2nd – CS6 Camp San Diego

June 5th – CS6 Camp San Jose – w/ Al Mooney @ The Tech Museum IMAX theater June 6th- 8th San Jose

June 10th — CSNEXT Los Angeles, DDLA, DMALA + 4 other LA User Groups

June 14th CS6 Launch Party Las Vegas (w/Univ of Nevada LV) & Las Vegas AUG

June 16th CS6 Camp Long Beach w/ATX and w/Jack Davis

July 1st Adobe Summer Break

More posts coming at the events listed above…


Aaron Houston

Adobe Community Mgr North America